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Old 2012-07-25, 04:14   Link #141
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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
well, this is definitely true no matter what

when tobi used izanagi vs konan he was never shown to use hand seals. all he did was take off his mask so he could use his hidden eye, like he did before sasuke hit him with amaterasu. I'm not sure what the anime did, but the canon manga material didn't have him use any seals. perhaps that is part of what makes his izanagi better than danzo's? its ch 510 if you want to check
No anime didn't have him use seals. I wasn't trying to say he did or not use seal/jutsu.

I was just pointing out that Danzou had to use seals to use Izanagi ( Canon manga materials) while based on what i remember Tobi didn't. And yes this could very well be one of the differences between a perfect vs imperfect Izanagis. But thus far this is just speculations and is not confirmed.

So i hope Kishi clear this part and confirm for us how Izangai actually works. So far he hasn't been clear enough imo.
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Old 2012-07-25, 11:42   Link #142
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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
Something less abstract is simply Tobi being Izuna.
I also wrote about him being the most probable candidate much for the same reasons that you listed. But i dropped that idea after Madara stated in his fight against the 5 kages that his brother is dead. Or was it a mistranslation? I mean Madara had Tobi as his helper, so he would have to know that Tobi is Izuna if they were working together.

Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
The only piece lacking in this theory is Tobi's knowledge of Konoha's finests ...
It's in fact really hard to think of something he's not aware of.
Could it be that he used Zetsu? We have already seen Zetsu spying successfully on sharingan users like Itachi and byakugan user at the kage summit and many other sensing ninja couldn't tell who he was. We have seen him impersonating any ninja from the alliance army and no one was able to tell the difference, also Zetsu did this using multiple bodies at the same time, he even fooled the raikage and his team to think he is Kisame.
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Old 2012-07-25, 11:46   Link #143
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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
^ I think your post here is great and all your points make sense. i'd just add one more piece that doesn't quite fit in with izuna and has been happening for a while. tobi never tries to take kakashi's MS. why would izuna not want that? I could see how obito or obito's dad (or Rin, but that's a dumb theory imo) would not want to take it, but izuna should have wanted it for his collection and tobi has had many opportunities to get it
There are other problems with this theory to be honest (the fact that Edo-Madara flaty said he brother died for one) but I don't think this is one of them mainly because I file this with the reason Tobi hasn't taken Naruto when he has had countless occasion to do so : just 'cause.
And if you wish for real rationalization let's just say that he has no need for it because he already possesses the power Obito's eyes hold (since let's be honest at this point it's 99% likely that Tobi has -at least- Obito eye)

edit: also on ch577 p7 madara speaks of izuna as pretty much useless except for his eyes and says he's dead.
That's not really what Madara is saying, it's part of Madara's outlook on life that the sole and only thing that matter is power. He laugh the idea that you can bestow ideals or feeling to future generations. His brother died and because of his sacrifice he gained power, as far as Madara is concerned that is the whole of his legacy because power is all there is.
I'll agree it's not a great hint that Izuna is alive (quite the opposite really) but it's also a problem with the idea that Tobi is or has Madara's personality because the two have entirely different outlook on those events (though again, Tobi could have been lying his ass off simply to play on Sasuke's brother complex).
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