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Old 2007-10-12, 17:47   Link #61
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Red face

Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Technically, your release is fine. 640x480 in 4:3 AR, just like it's supposed to be.

Rhyelys, maybe you accidentally have a forced AR set in your player?
No... I use cccp for long time, on install the only change is to install only media player classic. I not change other settings.

I downloaded other 3 animes today and all plays ok.
Good Day to you.
Thanks KiNA for this lovely signature.
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Old 2007-10-12, 17:52   Link #62
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As a Clannad newbie, I haven't really seen anything 'breathtaking' so far. (Hard to be impartial because of Air and Kanon godliness...) Only episode 2 though, so I'm sure KyoAni will deliver^_^
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Old 2007-10-12, 17:55   Link #63
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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
*scratch head*

CCCP default install with Zoomplayer, Overlay renderer. No problems whatsoever.

What are you using?
Media Player Classic, ratio set to "Default" (not 4:3 or 16:9).
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Old 2007-10-12, 18:36   Link #64
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*scratch head*

Strange, I can't see any reason for it. Plays fine for me...

But it's not my release, so I don't know if dragon5152 did anything special...
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Old 2007-10-12, 18:47   Link #65
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Australia
I would give it a download to try out for myself if my internet wasn't capped and moving like tortoise right now.
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Old 2007-10-12, 19:11   Link #66
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Hmm..kind of surprising that the thread is so empty. I was expecting more replies. Either I m checking on this thread too quickly...or maybe its just that the replies are drying up
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Old 2007-10-12, 19:16   Link #67
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Hmm, judging from the amount of time Tomoya spends on activities related to Nagisa, it seems he's fallen quite hard for her. And that's factoring out the amount of time he'd spend with her just because he's a helpful/nice guy. Well, this is no surprise though--it was pretty clear from the first episode that Nagisa was the female lead.

And I see they're mentioning the ghost girl, hm? Presumably it will actually have a story role then, though I haven't the slightest clue how it will tie in or who it will involve (besides Tomoya).

Fuko is odd, like a puppy with narcolepsy, except instead of falling asleep she falls into her own little dream world. Kotomi is perhaps eccentric, but I've come to expect that from people on higher end of the bell curve.

I'm surprised they're mentioning so much about the "dead world" so early. I thought it was going to be a mystery that they only hinted at, but they some to be dealing with it quite bluntly. I'll be fascinated to see how it pans out.
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Old 2007-10-12, 19:24   Link #68
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv168
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Originally Posted by toxic_trance View Post
Hmm..kind of surprising that the thread is so empty. I was expecting more replies. Either I m checking on this thread too quickly...or maybe its just that the replies are drying up
you know, that was even worse when Sukai created the thread, and i was the only one who posted on it for roughly 2 hours... seriously we were like " "
At least, much less crazy rush of "mindless praises", but looks like people weren't expecting the episode being that early

Originally Posted by Grey View Post
Hmm, judging from the amount of time Tomoya spends on activities related to Nagisa, it seems he's fallen quite hard for her. And that's factoring out the amount of time he'd spend with her just because he's a helpful/nice guy. Well, this is no surprise though--it was pretty clear from the first episode that Nagisa was the female lead.
In fact, it looks like Tomoya is rather unconsciously befriend with girls, considering how he isn't exactly enjoying his life and how he can actually kill time with something less fruitless than hanging around with youhei and ditching classes.
Seriously though, though it is clear Nagisa will be "the choice", Tomoya doesn't exactly look like "falling for her".
Of course, we don't have to wait for a blush or something, but actually, it looks like he is having some fun time, nothing beyond that.

EDIT, geh just realized ascaloth edit:
Originally Posted by Ascaloth View Post
It's not so much on Tomoya's side as it is on Tomoyo's. I think you may have gotten mixed up...what I'm trying to say is, with Tomoyo's frigid "ice queen" vibes in the first episode, I didn't expect her to warm up so quickly to Tomoya.
I don't have any issue with the name, it was again some hasty typing (putting back the letters, you know the deal)
As i stated earlier, considering how Tomoya was acting, it is fairly normal for Tomoyo to be "not so cold" with him.
I can't really find it as a "derede", but more like a random comment, just after this meaningless fight. Consequently, considering how she is acting since episode 1, it isn't exactly ice queen to me, but meh...
Who said something's wrong?
I was just making an observation. If anything, I'll say that it's a sign that the focus is definitely on Nagisa. That's all.
Gee, Klash. I recommend Prozac.
Nah, i'm far from being nervous or anything, more likely my habit how to write.
That's said, i thought you were pointing this part as "wrong", since you were complaining a bit before, i guess I spread the whole post for the last part, in a silly manner, heh *sigh*
Considering how it is going to build around Tomoya, it isn't anything sure if they will focus only on Nagisa, despite she is obviously "the choice".
Something like "kanon" pattern isn't exactly possible, that said.

Last edited by Klashikari; 2007-10-12 at 19:37.
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Old 2007-10-12, 19:31   Link #69
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I guess Tomoya sees a part of himself in Nagisa...and by helping her..he is kinda doing the things which he could never do for himself. Plus..he is more attracted to her because of her strong relations with her family. I dont know if KyoAni plan to make a couple out of the two..but atleast for now..all Tomoya wants is Nagisa to enjoy her life more than he did
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Old 2007-10-12, 20:14   Link #70
I see...
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Now this episode was great! And, is that just me, or the animation os this episode was better than the usual?

Anyways, lots of good moments in this episode. The bike incident, Tomoya's friend getting his ass kicked.

So, I understand that Tomoya's father lost his jog and now he has becoma a alcoholic, but I didn't think he beat his son. I mean, the reaction Tomoya had when his father approached him was a surprise to me.
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Old 2007-10-12, 20:41   Link #71
rhymes w/but isn't gothic
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One part of this episode really did it for me.

Spoiler for :
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Old 2007-10-12, 20:52   Link #72
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Not sure if we can judge a usual with only 2 episodes .

What a screwed up family though. Not even sure what's going through Tomoya's dad's head. Just feels like he isn't all there every time we see him.
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Old 2007-10-12, 20:52   Link #73
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Originally Posted by othic View Post
One part of this episode really did it for me.

Spoiler for :
Heh! I was going to post about that, but I forgot. When she made that sound I was actually wondering whether it was the same voice actor for a moment. But apparently it is not.
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Old 2007-10-12, 22:11   Link #74
Aria Company
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I was a bit unsure whether Clannad would live up to the expectations I had of it after episode 1, but episode 2 changed that. I'm not sure if it'll be quite as good as Kanon or AIR, but it looks like it'll be a solid series.

The only complaint I have is the pacing seems a little fast, but I haven't played the game, so I dont' know exactly how much they have to fit in. KyoAni's done a great job adapting Key's titles in the past, so I'll just have to trust they know what they're doing.
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Old 2007-10-12, 22:15   Link #75
lost in wonder forever...
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An interesting episode.
Aside from the interesting opening, it looks like they introduced all the characters already.

I'm interested in what things will happen with Kotomi because she seemed odd ball type of character. I wonder if she lives in the library...
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Old 2007-10-12, 22:15   Link #76
You damn midget!
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^^^^^^What are you guys talking about? I must've missed it >.< Anyone got a time for this obscure sound?
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Old 2007-10-12, 22:17   Link #77
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Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
Anyways, I liked how the last part was done. It gave me the sense that Tomoya felt encouraged and might actually have believed that he could do it, just to see that he couldn't. I was shocked honestly. Nagisa's fainting isn't oddly placed, in my opinion. She was staying out in the rain for a while, and she doesn't seem to have a very strong body. Her shock might have just tipped the balanced. Although the hand-to-head thing she pulled combined with the paused falling was kind of overdone.
I never heard of Clannad before, so I'm a complete newbie with regard to the games.

The art was gorgeous in the first ep., especially that opening, and the series had my interest from that.

I personally thought the fainting *was* overdone; it would have been more powerful to just have her be upset. That being said, I for the most part have liked the Tomoya/Nagisa scenes. They can be a bit hokey at times, but they've more or less worked for me. That opening scene in ep. 1 really was priceless.

As for the other girls, I find it all confusing, but amusing enough for now. I really have no idea where this is all going, and the mysterious other world completely mystifies me.
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Old 2007-10-12, 23:01   Link #78
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All the time Tomoya spent with Nagisa reminds me of Yuichi and Ayu. It really almost feels the same with different characters. And it's making me think that she's the centre of the story again, amirite? That and the flashback.

Kyou driving in to Tomoya made me lol. The entire one-sided fight, "uguu" (timestamp, please; I missed it D: ), Kyou being "bi" for a bit... All good stuff, yus.

As for Tomoya's father, I'm still a bit in the dark as to the whole backstory. Something tells me we'll be eased into it and then a whole "OHGODSLAM THESTORYAGAINSTYOURSKULL" deal later on, given a few episodes maybe to sort out stuff. I get why he could've been angry in the past, but I don't have enough information to think about this further. Did something happen between his parents and then the mom died? (in the anime, not game)

The Nagisa deal also makes me a bit iffy as i'm a sucker for the unrequited-love/tsundere types. Like Rin from fate/stay night, Sanae from Sumomo[insert more], Mitsuki from Kiminozo... I've really got to develop a resistance to these kinds of things, as I was absolutely pissed at Kanon's ending and didn't have the bawls to finish Kashimas[h]i after reading Wikipedia.

On a lighter note, I present to Animesuki an avatar too huge for use on this website. Made it for a childhood friend of mine who (oh wow, look at this) watches anime with meh. Forum he goes to has no filesize limit. Also, too huge = around 290KB. I could splice it into the separate cutscenes, but whatever.

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Old 2007-10-12, 23:32   Link #79
Owaranai Destiny
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Episode 2 seemed to have upped the humor factor here, for which was a great delight.

-Tomoyo's short and practically one-sided conversation with Sunohara with the latter able to be despatched into a dark and dank place. ("Do you want to fall? So you do." ) The expression and reaction of Sunohara was priceless, and I wonder how Tomoyo seemed to have gotten the ice-queen tag. Her behaviour here suggests otherwise.

-Kotomi's strange but endearing behaviour, responding to Tomoya's questions with unrelated answers.

-High-five with Fuuko and the 'dribble, shoot!'. I guess the comparisons to Uguu have been made, so I won't touch too much on this.

-Kyou's 'bi-' joke. Perhaps it would be a novel concept to see her embarassed, so the fact that we could not see her eyes and expression shows that she probably had that mixed in with bits of anger at Tomoya. Too bad for her he dodged the book of death again. Of course, there's the anticipated 528-hit combo. I thought it would have lasted a little longer even though I feel a little bad for Sunohara, the Glutton for Punishment.

Aside from that, I'm getting slightly used to the pace set by the series so far. It still certainly feels a little rushed, but then again I wouldn't lump conventional ways of story-telling in with Key at times. The dream world seems to progress a little, and perhaps new viewers will be able to understand the relation between what's happening in the 'real' world and the 'dream' world with a few more episodes. I quite like the scene where Nagisa talked about her depression, and in the foreground we see a girl standing there all alone, looking sad while the other children are off playing and having fun.

As for Tomoya's story, it's hazy as usual, but now we know why he feels a certain way about certain things. I can't be entirely sure that he would hate his father for destroying any possible chance for him to return to something he apparently loved, since he almost automatically related an action (high-five) to basketball. The mentioning of such minor details impressed me a bit there.

We could have done without the melodramatic posture and action in how Nagisa fainted, even though all of us know that the primary reason for that was her standing in the rain a little too long waiting for Tomoya. This is also one of the parts where it feels a little fast as well, that it is obvious Tomoya is building up a camaraderie with Nagisa this early, considering that he had only known her for a short while. Perhaps this is to facilitate the easing in of the other arcs for the other girls (if there are arcs at all) and add more time for any future developments that might blow away the average (and not so average) viewer. Heck, I don't know, but it certainly seems a little like that.

Quite a pity the next episode seems to be focusing on the development of relationships between Tomoya and Nagisa, since I probably won't get to see much Tomoyo, Kyou and Kotomi for that matter. Still, it will be good to see the slowing down of the pace for an episode entirely devoted to one pairing.

A 9/10 for the comedy, minor details to fit the personality/preferences of the character and of course, the animation.
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Old 2007-10-13, 00:42   Link #80
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Well, this episode gave me a little more to write about.

Overall, Tomoya seemed way too enthusiastic about everything in the anime. Poking his nose into every little incident, it looked like as if he's just a bored guy looking for fun. Nothing about him looked like an unfriendly delinquent to me.

His progress with Nagisa is also on fast forward. Well, that's only half true. It's more like all the non-heroine specific scenes (scenes that doesn't involve any heroines, such as the usual comedic episodes with Sunohara and Nagisa's parents) are being cut out in between events with Nagisa (+other girls). Then again, that's the same ol' complaint about adaptations that everyone has heard a million times before, so I'm not gonna blame anyone for this.


It looks almost as if Tomoya's going all the way with Nagisa right now. What will Kyoani do about the others?
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