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Old 2018-04-24, 05:30   Link #161
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In a nutshell:
-Hanabuster will be an artificial blade available for those who bought the expansion pass. As you can expect, you don't get her through core crystal, but a quest and anyone can use her, not just Tora.
-T-elos is a free new blade for those who have finished the game, not exclusive to the expansion pass (the medal icon next to the gold counter is pretty much the visual cue). She is in the core crystal pool, but apparently, her drop rate is "very high".

There is still another DLC blade in production, although there isn't any detail. Meanwhile, they have other stuff in preparations such as challenge mode and extreme difficulty.
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Old 2018-04-24, 19:51   Link #162
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Yes, were still getting more updates to the game! (even if itís just more rare blades) This will help pass time until the new story content in late October.
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Old 2018-04-25, 21:53   Link #163
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I think there will be probably be more than one more new additional Rare Blade, from the way they were talking about it.
Anyways, a bit slightly loli-fied T-elos is delicious.

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Old 2018-04-26, 09:52   Link #164
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T-elos now with a side of megane
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