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I've played (and I use that term very loosely) some more Fortune Arterial, and since her path was completely translated I decided to follow Kanade's path. And besides, I see her as an interesting character (while others see her as annoying. Yeesh, alot of stick in the muds on this planet). The romance conflict with the two sisters of the Visual Novel versus the anime is something some people like to do online. IMHO, I actually like how the conflict unfolded in both the Visual Novel and the Anime. In the visual novel, Kanade is trying to push her sister Haruna (AKA Naru AKA "My Wife". Kanade's words, not mine.) closer towards the main protagonist Kohei. And seeing the both of them together causes her to be bothered deep inside, to a point where she runs away from Kohei and avoids him. But she does this to bring both her sister and Kohei together at the sacrifice of her own happiness. But it's something she clearly doesn't like deep inside. Haruna has a heart to heart talk with her older sister and tells her to not sacrifice her happiness for her sake and that both her and Kohei don't see each other 'like that' (in love). Now in the Anime, Kanade basically does the same thing but she doesn't seem bothered seeing both Haruna and Kohei together (or she's doing a very good job of suppressing this. Is that healthy?), in which Haruna realizes this herself and looses her temper with her sister. In a stereotypical western love story I'd expect for both sisters to fight for Kohei, but in this instance both sisters are in conflict because they try to push each other towards Kohei. And this is a common theme I've noticed in Anime & Manga, that friends and family don't approve of you sacrificing yourself or your happiness for their sake. I'm not sure if this is actually a common belief in Japan, after all much like over here in the U.S. just because you see t on TV doesn't mean it's like that in real life. But in the Anime, their arguing got pretty nasty to a point where Kohei himself has to bring them together (I can somehow imagine Kohei in the VN couldn't be 'bothered' to do this). As I said before, I like how the conflict played out in both versions, but I would have liked to see some elements of the conflict n the Anime brought into the VN such as both sisters having an ugly fight and Kohei trying to patch things up between them both. IMHO I think this would have better cemented both Kohei and Kadade's relationship.

As for the Athletic Fair......I know once again I'm going to get crucified for stating this but I liked how the preparation for the athletic fair and the event itself played out better in the Anime rather than the visual novel (though I liked seeing how the girls took part in the event). In the visual novel it just felt so......soulless. And just what the heck was it with Erika reacting like the way she did in the Visual Novel (and Anime) over Kohei using the term "horse length"?! I mean it could have been worse, he could have used the term "Chinese" or "Koreans" *PLACES ON "SUPER" TROLLFACE AND DANCES AROUND ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA* Eh sorry, I couldn't help myself (Babs Bunny's words, not mine).

Well, I suppose I'll be playing more of the VN later today or tomorrow to see how Kanade and Kohei hold up in their relationship. But to be honest, I think I prefer Watching Anime and Reading Manga over "Playing" Visual Novels.
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spoiler ending for haruna and erika plss
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