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Murakami Kai
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The Kaiser Corner: Fanfic discussions and idea exchange

So I've been wondering about this for a while. I always had some idea after watching Wreck It Raplh on the day of its release in theaters. It only plays off of a few similar aspects.

The idea is about a character of mine. Whether you call him original character or original fan character is up to you. I lean more towards OFC since it shows my respect towards a creators franchise more than calling it an OC. I'll lay it out in a series of descriptions listed below.

Plot: The realm of fiction, involving not only anime, but also games, manga, and all forms of fiction, are all like they are in Wreck It Raplh. Sort of actors you might say. Except it's done on a more interesting and awesome experience than a normal movie actor or theater actor. In this universe that is an amalgam of many verses and multiverses, characters act for their roles in the "fiction" that the real world watches us in. It keeps the balance of entertainment in check. For without it, life is meaningless. And thus, whatever force created the characters and granted their visage to the real world authors for inspiration, made it that they cannot die. The only way for them to die is if a genuine criminal comes forth among their ranks with intent to do harm to the balance, and the special "enforcers" are called forth. These are specific characters who were born with a special crest allowing them the power to destroy a character. While most of them are few in number compared to the general populace, they are filled with either the strongest of the strong, or the ones with the greatest potential. However, one day, a mass murder of "characters" occurs upon their watch. They question how they could have failed in their security that day. But only one thing pops into their minds. IT HAS TO BE ONE OF US.

Main Character: I have this one character who I use all the time because I spent 10 years working on him and spent a lot of time and effort with him. So I use him all the time for different roles and many times differing MC roles. This one interation will be about him being a beginning enforcer after one had died, but not before giving him his badge and naming him his successor. Now he's been thrown into the mix of having to deduce, and interact with many characters along his journey, who and how many of his own are plotting to destroy the balance. Not only does he have new duties to worry about, but he's descended from Goku and Vegeta. Thus he's always being expected to do something great with himself other than train some and lounge around wondering what to do with his life. He has the expectation that he'll carry the god like weight and power of his ancestors accomplishments on himself. His name is usually Kai, and that's where I got my username from.

Special Notes: Many of the enforcers would also happen to be canon villains. So in a way they have their villain status reversed. Like Frieza being treated as an ally rather than someone genuinely evil in this. He only does that as an act in his franchise. Outside of it, it's like how some of the baddest wrestlers are super nice and good to people. Or maybe sosuke Aizen actually being super honest and nice, and hardly capable of being scheming outside of a scripted role he has.
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