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Old 2018-11-02, 01:15   Link #1
He Who Games
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Japanese Crime and Punishment

Hey, I just made this thread because I have serious concerns about the japanese law system, or rather laws regarding crime and punishment, if its anything like I've seen in japanese media. And from what I've seen, it seems japanese law is be far too lenient, especially when the criminals really DO NOT deserve leniency. it seems like the law does not really serve as a deterrent to criminals because they know even if they get caught, all they will get is a slap on the wrist. this especially seems to apply to delinquents or minors, who even if they commit the most heinous, vile crimes, the law will protect them because they are minors.
i had basically read up about one such crime that had taken place in modern japanese history, a couple of years before I was born. for the peace of mind of those who do not know about it, i will not name nor go into exact detail about the crime. But believe me, this crime was so horrible, so vile, so cruel, the NAZIS generally treated the jews better compared to what these monsters did to their victim. And I'm not trying to diminish the the horror and cruelty of the Holocaust. Its just what these monsters did was that atrocious.
Its an atrocious event that one wishes to live in ignorance about.
Its because of crap like this that i lose complete faith in humanity. Even if you are an atheist, you will wish that hell exists for such monsters who would commit an act of such brutality.
And the worst part? Because the monsters were all minors, their punishment was extremely lenient despite the depravity, the evilness of their crime. There are people here in the U.S who have been sentenced to much harsher punishments for far, far less. Hell if this crime had taken place in america, those monsters would have been lynched by a mob. And today, the monsters who committed that crime, they've all served their time and are out in society, most of them not even serving a decade in prison.
Is crap like this an extreme outlier in japanese society? Or does it happen more often than not? Is it just a culture difference between america and japan? Am i just an outsider looking in? Is Japan actually this really messed up place?

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Old 2018-11-03, 10:39   Link #2
Mad Pierrot
Corrupted fool
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Seems like you are right about this at least after I read this article:

I never heard of Japanese crimes in the media other than Persona 5 where they treat a minor like crap for a crime he never committed.

However, while the yakuza are the subject of being criminals, whoever leads them seems to have provided aid after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
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Old 2018-11-03, 23:29   Link #3
He Who Games
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Location: the virtual world
technically the yakuza are not a singular group, but are rather multiple crime syndicates in japan, with different leaders. despite holding significant influence in the past, the numbers of the yakuza have greatly diminished today due to government action.
with that crime that i had mentioned in my first post, if that crime had occurred today, things might have played out differently. sadly, despite the massive outrage that occurred when news of that crime came out at the time, ultimately japanese society today has seemed to have forgotten about it.
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