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Old 2012-05-25, 02:32   Link #661
We're Back
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Chihiro and Rea are in the running for best couple of Spring after this day-to episode

Originally Posted by sikvod00 View Post
Spoiler for episode 8:
Well I'm not that unreasonable, I'll settle for a good clock to his face... Not that pansy scratch that other guy gave him.

Kinda strange that the preview for Episode 9 doesn't seem to include Furuya's... Current Predicament.
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Old 2012-05-25, 06:49   Link #662
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Originally Posted by hoarfrost View Post
Spoiler for ep. 8:
Actually, given what we know about Rea, staging a kidnapping at a place that would work pretty well. The brazenness would catch most everyone off-guard and you could be out of there before anyone really reacts. Also this was in a town away from their current location, so identifying the kidnappers would be much more difficult.

Though I do agree that the bulldozer idea would probably have worked better. But I also have a feeling that Grandpa probably knew Rea's grandmother or grand-aunt. I think that's who Sada will end up being. It'll add an interesting element later. But he showed no limitation on attacking the family of one of her previous friends, so there has to be a reason he didn't go straight after the family.
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Old 2012-05-25, 07:53   Link #663
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ok then well um ep.8

cat hair boy still doing rea's observe & protect while rea enjoy a normal life.
babu unleash cat-leaf-ball while cat hair boy wonder rea do it as well?
cat hair boy & rea goes mall fun time while wanko on the bath.
wanko still hmm wonder to get cait hair boy here mero & pals to bath with them.
while cat hair boy & rea mall wander there being watch mooks of rea's father.
cat hair boy is afraid of haunted house while rea enjoy more normal life.
while her father want to "ruin her normal life" while fencing (yea WORST FATHER EVER).
mooks ready to grab but that one of those two guys being blah blah.
mooks just silent speak observe & yea let just grab rea but rea bench them all.
next plan cat-nap the cat hair boy.
now rea's father plan some "spayed or neutered" etc ideas or worse to cat hair boy to ruin rea.

but next ep is mero ep.
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Old 2012-05-25, 07:57   Link #664
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With Rea's current strength, I wonder how her Father will force her to return back to him... unless black mail... Quite a funny episode for me.
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Old 2012-05-25, 13:59   Link #665
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Yay! We're back to Rea and undead diary.
Furuya was acting like a total perv with that video camera.
Those suspicious looking guys who tried to kidnap Rea were in for a surprise.
I'm totally glad she has super strength.
Poor Furuya, hope Rea saves him fast from her crazy father.

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Old 2012-05-25, 15:41   Link #666
fushigi ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2011
Rea was more interesting before being zombified. In episode 8 she was just a straight up moeblob.

Doesn't Furuya's family find it odd that Rea is eating hydrangea leaves? Or did I miss that they know she is a zombie?
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Old 2012-05-25, 16:28   Link #667
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Spoiler for AA version:


方ー "A fake freedom!"

(方ー <-- Dad)
(Gotta love that guy...)

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Old 2012-05-25, 18:01   Link #668
formerly ogon bat
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Originally Posted by TurkeyPotPie View Post
Rea was more interesting before being zombified. In episode 8 she was just a straight up moeblob.
Rea is happy, happy people are boring, that is why soap operas end when the MC finally attain happines (after 100+ episodes of being plain miserable) or if the sopa opera has no real ending, they are killed in an accident and new MC are introduced.

Doesn't Furuya's family find it odd that Rea is eating hydrangea leaves? Or did I miss that they know she is a zombie?
The father is a buddist monk, his son loves horror flicks since 5 and his daughter sleeps in the same kind of cloths people were buried in (before cremation become a common practice) japan. I think he concluded many years ago "I cannot understand this new generation". So if his son gets pregnant the most rich girl in town and she eats leaves for breakfast his conclusion seems to be "let them do their thing, as long as they are happy I am happy".

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Old 2012-05-25, 18:45   Link #669
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I agree that zombie Rea is pretty boring, and can not even compare to appeal with Wanko... at least the creepy incestuous pedo-dad is back to force some angsty charm into his spoiled (otherwise) daughter

If it wasn't for Wanko's sexual frustration, pedo-dad LULZ and Shinbou/Ounuma-wannabe direction, I would have already dropped this one
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Old 2012-05-25, 22:13   Link #670
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Did anyone notice the meikyou shishui words in the episode? What he is gonna do? Go golden mode?

It is not pedo-dad, it is pedobear.(VA wise, panda of the Russia, and pandas are part of bear family.)
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Old 2012-05-26, 00:14   Link #671
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
Personally, I could do without Sanka papa reappearing. I could also do without Furuya acting exactly like him with the repulsive constant video-ing.

I don't find Rea boring here because I am identifying with her. She is in the most interesting and difficult situation of all of them.
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Old 2012-05-26, 01:34   Link #672
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It's natural for some people to be feeling as they do. Rea is happy for the time being. If a character becomes happy, it's due to a lack of conflict, and conflict is what makes stories intriguing. The conflict that was present when she was alive was at that of a much higher level than anything that's going on right now, so I can understand why she seems less interesting now to some. The anime won't be getting too far into things with there being such a tiny amount of episodes left, but I can assure you that things got a lot more interesting later on in the manga -- the new conflict is even more engaging than the initial conflict, imo.

And I agree that Rea's dad was certainly not a character I missed...
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Old 2012-05-26, 02:40   Link #673
ლ(́◉◞౪◟ ◉ ლ )
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I've been dead for quite some time here, and now here i am again, being revived by this series as a zombie forumer hehe.

Must say, Sankarea is a good series with nice, not-rushed pace. Love how the stories went with each episode. This is one zombie series that is not about apocalypse, but about the intertwining circumstances between each character, and as the series progresses, so do the storyline that revive back my love for anime.

I don't feel the need to comment each episode, like i did before, coz i believed that everyone else that love this series as much as i do shares the same positive things about this series. Just coming back to show my support for Sankarea, and if only there is a "like" button in here, i'll surely give this a hundred likes.
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Old 2012-05-26, 07:09   Link #674
I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
Personally, I could do without Sanka papa reappearing. I could also do without Furuya acting exactly like him with the repulsive constant video-ing.
There's a major difference, though: Furuya bought her a gift to make her free.

Yeah, you can tell the video isn't just his way of studying her so he can preserve her. But at least he is thinking of her wants, of her happiness.
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Old 2012-05-26, 10:26   Link #675
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Episode 8: dat butt.

I'd love to see Rea clobber her father with that bench. Mhm.
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Old 2012-05-26, 17:52   Link #676
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Must say, Sankarea is a good series with nice, not-rushed pace.
Yeah, as in slow paced. Still not sluggish.

But right now the initial drive is starting to lose momentum.
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Old 2012-05-26, 22:25   Link #677
Endless Soul
Megane girl fan
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Are the dots on pedo-dad's forehead ever explained? Are they there just for looks?

I thought the intro was rather creepy, the changing night scenes with the blood dripping. Also, I really hope Zed-Rea tears into pedo-dad.

Endless "Dr. Zom Bee" Soul
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Old 2012-05-27, 11:57   Link #678
Lord of Fire
The Voice of Reason
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Rea's strength knows no bounds. Though I'd like to feel sorry for the guys at the receiving end, they deserved it nonetheless. I wonder how Chihiro will fare against Rea's father, though, considering that they have to change certain details if they want the outcome of the battle between the two to be the same as in the manga.

And the intro was misleading once again. Blood dripping, yet without an actual casualty in sight, or even an explanation of who it was (though I don't think it could be anyone but Chihiro, especially not since we see 'him' walking to his home at the shrine).

Funny how his dad doesn't realize Rea is eating poisonous leaves and merely thinks she's a vegetarian. I guess that's why he's not a botanist...

Next episode seems to be all about Mero. And that is fine with me, as Mero looks like a very interesting character.
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Old 2012-05-28, 11:16   Link #679
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Meh , episode 8. I think it's the stupidest episode ever.
Well , the beginning look interresting , i thought this anime would be more serious but not.. stacking stupid fanservice, idiot scene like chihiro's "friend" , boring event... seriously , Rea is so boring and the connection between her & chihiro too... don't forget the "vegetarian" part...
bleh.. finally his father is back.
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Old 2012-05-28, 23:39   Link #680
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Last time, Rea's dad tried to neuter Furuya. This time, he renews his interest by kidnapping Furuya. What is his agenda this time? It seems they are going to introduce new character.

About Rea's strength, it is believe that the altering of certain part of brain will increase adrenaline. At least, it was what I read from some cheesy science fiction novels.
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