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Old 2024-02-11, 16:03   Link #1
Classic Yandere
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Aishiteru Game wo Owarasetai (I Want to End This Love Game)

English Title: I Want to End This Love Game (VIZ)
Original Title: 愛してるゲームを終わらせたい
Fansub: I Want to End the "I Love You" Game
Mangaka: Yuki Domoto
Originally Posted by VIZ
The first step to winning the Love Game is saying “I love you.” So how do you lose? By admitting you’re in love!

Let the games begin! Since childhood, Yukiya Asagi and Miku Sakura have played the Love Game, where they try to fluster each other with a simple “I love you.” But after falling in love for real and refusing to admit it, neither of them can afford to lose this battle!

I generally dislike childhood friend pairs but somehow I can really get behind these two.


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Old 2024-02-19, 12:52   Link #2
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I just read the first volume! This is so cute !
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Old 2024-02-19, 18:47   Link #3
Classic Yandere
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Philadelphia
Its not quite Bokuyaba but its similar in that the interactions feel very... natural, for lack of a better word. Its rare for me to throw my support behind an osananajimi pairing but these two are just too lovable.
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Good to see Love Game is a hit for the mangaka, esp. when you consider their last work, Necromance, wasn't popular and got cancelled.

A shame, since the story itself wasn't too bad and still had many more mysteries left to uncover (mangaka was clearly planning it to be longer).
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childhood friend, osananajimi, romance, slice of life

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