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Old 2015-12-24, 14:43   Link #161
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The gratuitous amounts of blood. The squelching as the sword runs through the body. Oh my. Am I watching the right genre here?

Predictable, but I have to give it some credit for taking a step away from the direction otome adaptations have been going, what with their bland leads and all. Wasn't going to rate this higher than 4/10, but the last episode bumped it up. It doesn't make up for how awful this anime was at times or the ridiculousness of some of those lyrics/songs though, so overall, a 5/10 for the series.

Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
In short, Mage is still best boy, story made a huge mistake with not giving all characters enough attention and making the dullest guy the official love interest. Boo. But at least it was a harmless way to spend half an hour each week.
It's almost always the expressionless, emotionless bastards that nab the girl. Oh well, Mage can live freely on his own, and we can have a series of his misadventures now (not).
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Old 2015-12-26, 01:06   Link #162
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Originally Posted by Stark700 View Post
And...I finished this series.

Well, idk how to put it but the finale felt like it was entirely expected for Ritsuka to play a main role to defeat that vampire king. And oh yeah, we got a confession (no kiss though) scene too. I suppose that wraps up everything but the story felt underwhelming.

Also noticed they played the song that had lyrics with the exact title for this show, Dance with Devils. I see what they did there
There was a kiss before Rem disappeared.

Heh, I figured they still have two b left to deal with and Ritsuka's father is up next. Certainly leaves the possibility for another season.

Not surprised by the ending at all. And it's not like the Devils can't visit.
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musical, reverse harem

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