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Old 2016-12-13, 06:57   Link #101
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Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
Just caught up with this. It's a nice comedy. But something is reaaaally nagging me. CMIIW, the show started in spring/summer, then the comiket the cast went was in winter, and then we have another summer so WHY THE HELL IS SENPAI STILL THERE .
As noted earlier, the show is adapting chapters out of order.

That said, the winter comiket story happens in volume 2, and then there's Valentine's day in volume 3, and the first beach episode in volume 4, and then there's the summer holiday, and then there's Kae's birthday in volume 9 which is March 3rd, so...
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Old 2016-12-17, 05:03   Link #102
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Episode 11:

LOL, this sibling rivalry is getting amusing. The funniest part I found was that card battle they had (with Yugioh references like trap cards). I think the finale will continue this sort of love triangle between those two brothers as Kazuma makes his confession.

I just find it also kinda amusing that Kae is in the middle of all this.
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Old 2016-12-23, 20:18   Link #103
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So, this was a thing that existed, I guess.

I'm disappointed, to be honest - the manga is loads of fun, and it wouldn't have taken much to make a straight-up adaptation and keep the fun and character arcs intact. It would've just needed... someone who is not Kobayashi Yuu, I guess... as Kae, and just adapting the damn chapters as they come.

Kobayashi was pretty bad as Kae, frankly. She doesn't sound authentic. She keeps sounding like an old lady. She keeps hamming up without any regard to the character she's playing. And let's not even mention the horrible and frankly offensive "fat voice".

Also, I honestly don't understand the point of messing with the chronological order of the manga chapters and then pretending that this is the correct order. Like wtf? Complete disregard of flow of time aside, this just shows a profound non-understanding of and maybe disinterest in who these characters are and what makes them tick. It messed with characterization and natural flow of events. (Why would Nana want to frivolously hug Kae shortly after accidentally assaulting her and then feeling like crap about it? Why would Kae be crazy about merch for a show she's moved on from? What even was the point of Kae suddenly being into Mirasaga again? it just goes to show how the people behind the show apparently have no idea about the kind of person Kae is supposed to be.)

The individual stories were still funny, but the cracks were showing more and more as the show went on, and they got more and more deep... The manga is so much fun and it really wouldn't have taken much for the show to be genuinely fun, too. Alas...

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Old 2016-12-24, 18:39   Link #104
I disagree with you all.
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ep12: once again Mutsumi proves he's the best. (And once again it's all for nothing.)

I thought the anime was pretty good. Better than mediocre, anyway. You make it sound like the manga is extraordinary and thought-provoking, though.
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Old 2016-12-26, 19:06   Link #105
Psyco Diver
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Honestly I would vote it mediocre, it did nothing special, just a reverse harem with the usual gags and plot lines with only a BL joke sprinkled about. Animation was standard, sometimes good sometimes bad, nothing memorable about the music. Characters were standard with nothing different about them. Paint by numbers Reverse Harem, You could watch the first 4-5 episodes, skip to the last one and not miss a single thing. I give it a 4/10 because early on it was pretty entertaining but the writers seem to run out of jokes and either rehashed over and over again or just forgot to put any jokes in at all. Hate to be harsh but thats my opinion
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Old 2016-12-27, 02:49   Link #106
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
I thought the anime was pretty good. Better than mediocre, anyway. You make it sound like the manga is extraordinary and thought-provoking, though.
Obviously it's not. But it makes sense in ways the anime doesn't.
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Old 2017-01-01, 13:23   Link #107
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Me personally, I absolutely hated HanaKana as the MC. I think it was for the drama cd preview I heard her, but she was obviously forcing it. HanaKana can do many roles very well, but even as a hardcore HanaKana fanatic, even I admit that she lacks punch as a tsundere and, in this case, as a fangirl.

So is Kobayashi gonna win any awards as Serinuma? Nah, not by a longshot. I can understand her over-the-top fujoshi voice might irritate a lot of people, but IMO it's still way better than the half-hearted sounding of HanaKana. Heck, even listening to the English dub, I'd actually say it's the one that sounds the best out of the three. That's actually pretty much blasphemous of a HanaKana fan saying an English actor did better than her, but I'm not saying it lightly when I make that claim.

(Senpai on the other hand sounds WAY to old in the dub, it's creepy. XD)

As for the story itself, I actually liked the anime more than the manga. IIRC the manga goes more into the other guys, but the anime it's terribly obvious that Senpai is the runaway leader with the rest being foils to him. Like sure the manga felt the same for me, but in a much lesser degree that I wasn't sure if it was my shipping tendencies or not. In any case, part of the reason why I like this so much is that while it's still unabashedly a reverse harem, by having the focus not split up between all the suitors it made the story quite enjoyable towards the end.

Well until the next season, if it comes, I'll be looking at Masamune-kun next cour for more 'was fat turned fit' fantasy fulfillment anime. I'm just hoping it will be like this and focus less on 'haremy' stuff and more on just the 'main couple'.

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Old 2017-01-07, 10:24   Link #108
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Episodes 11 and 12:
Glad that Asuma Mutsumi stand up towards his brother Kazuma... and won to a card duel! Kudos to him, but Asuma and the rest got friend-zoned (for now) when Kae Serinuma fell in love with Shion again. What a status-quo ending!

Gotta say that this show is enjoyable and it sucks that Kae's fujoshi spirit is strong that she can't fall in love yet.
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Old 2017-02-23, 05:13   Link #109
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Originally Posted by Stark700 View Post
Episode 4:

Heh, there goes Kae's first kiss. Still, I'm glad they introduced Shima into the series. What a handsome beauty!

This show actually have more guts to put an actual bi woman rather than most "yuribait" anime over there I'm glad though Sad that this is bricked in in DVD/BD sales.
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Old 2018-01-03, 23:06   Link #110
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I heard manga was ending.
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Old 2018-01-11, 20:47   Link #111
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Spoiler for Episode 1:

Spoiler for Episode 2:

Spoiler for Episode 3:

Spoiler for Episode 4:

Spoiler for Episode 5:

Spoiler for Episode 6:

Spoiler for Episode 7:

Spoiler for Episode 8:

Spoiler for Episode 9:

Spoiler for Episode 10:

Spoiler for Episode 11:

Spoiler for EP 12 Comments/Feedback & Series Score:

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Old 2018-02-13, 22:57   Link #112
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Can't find the manga thread of this (maybe doesn't have one) but yeah the manga ended.

Spoiler for Ending:
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reverse harem, romance comedy

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