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Old 2016-12-29, 07:41   Link #161
King's Justice
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Yeah, I've seen that. They showed the announcement for the extra episode and the touchscreen stuff for the winter comiket.
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Old 2016-12-30, 01:06   Link #162
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Not sure if anyone noticed or no, but there was a recap episode 12.5 released as well featuring Yuma-chin as the narrator. Nothing new is added footage wise (although they did the silly OP of ep 6 again), and at the end there was an announcement of an upcoming OVA bundled with the BD volumes.
Gotta vote Yuma-chin as MC of this series ;D


She adds so much fun to this series.

And ep 12.5 just continue to support how awesome the gods really is... lol
(especially since I pretty much figured out they discloth randomly after a battle... when in fact they could probably keep the cloth on for quite a while, since there doesn't seem to be a real time limit, this means the disclothing is done by the Gods themselves, lol)

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Old 2017-06-13, 23:18   Link #163
Blooming on the mountain
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Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the OVA is out and ... it is unexpectedly hilarious. I had to stop the episode a few times to stop laughing.

Definitely unexpected.
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Old 2017-06-14, 02:54   Link #164
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Honestly, I skipped a few minutes along the way, from how stupid that episode's plot me, of course

It was still fun, but the fact Matoi's Mom was more eager to ride her husband than try to compensate for the lost time with her daughter was crappy to me.
For those potentially interested, I've translated Chapter 01 of my original LN-style story, LEGACY SCIONS, from portuguese to english.

You can download it here. Feedback is welcome. I hope you like it.
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dimension traveling, mahou shoujo, miko

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