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Old 2018-02-23, 21:37   Link #1
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Chinese Animation

So I have been wondering, since we have lately gotten quite a few animation adaptions of chinese novels and/or chinese webtoons, whose original versions were allowed, or at least tolerated on Animesuki in the Web Novels/Manga section. I have been wondering if the same couldn't possibly apply to the animated versions?

Of course, should that be allowed, I'd also like to know if it is only limited to anime-like adaptions, or also to the 3D Final Fantasy series-cutscene-like/FFVII-AC-movie-like animation?

I am asking this because I noticed that there appears to be no forum where those adaptions are being discussed. I am aware that many of the chinese novel discussions have been waning ever since a certain site (which I don't want to directly name here, because I don't know whether the admins/mods would be fine with it or not) started becoming popular and have almost entirely migrated the CN discussing-audience over to that site, leaving behind mostly just discussions for less popular JP WNs/LNs (and those not very popular on that other site, like Death March), with a few KR ones mixed in, but CN novels feel like they have disappeard from Animesuki forums almost entirely.

Now the main point: While that other site seems to be the main focus for CN novels, they appearently strongly neglect the animation adaptions of them, at least as far as I can see, the only thing they talk about over there is about nothing but whether or not the "3D" is good or not, there is almost no discussion about the content whatsover and much of those discussions make me feel like I have been watching something entirely different from the others.

So, I am curious, what does the staff think about this? What do my fellow AS-forum users say? What does everyone think about chinese animation and whether or not it should be allowed into the anime section?
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Old 2018-02-23, 21:56   Link #2
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Why not?The reason they're not getting more hype is, in my opinion, a matter of advertisement and hype. Announcements for Chinese anime are hard to come by. Heck, I only find out about most of them through some thread someone else made.
Jcafe is up!
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Old 2018-02-24, 13:14   Link #3
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We don't really discriminate, it's just hard to place stuff sometimes. We're primarily a forum for Japanese media, but that doesn't mean we're exclusive to it if our members are interested. Are there specific examples you're thinking of?

Also, feel free to PM me that site.
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animation, chinese, chinese animation, non-japanese animation

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