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Old 2011-11-07, 07:45   Link #121
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Originally Posted by BaKaBaKaOtaKu View Post

BB and his crew

They are totally AWESOME
Especially BB..he is soooo awesome
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Old 2011-11-08, 07:12   Link #122
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Hmm, I hated Akainu and Eneru (on a purely emotional level, they're formidable antagonists).

Foxy annoyed me, and some of the characters that are "Karma Houdinis". But really, almost every character has some form of awesome.
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Old 2011-11-08, 15:44   Link #123
Madness Through Sound
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I don't really dislike any character because they each fill and play their part, but the character that is my least favorite out of the crew would be Ussop. Cause he's such a little beechhhh. The times that he actually stands up for himself and puts his life on the line are actually REALLY good scenes, but just found it kind of annoying sometimes like the way he is. Seems like he changed a bit after the 2 year gap though heh.

Eneru I just didn't like.. like his character in general.. or that whole arc in general was a bit odd to me. Spanda is really dumb too because he's so stupid yet he has so much power lol. Foxy was really dumb too.. I felt like watching that was a waste of time..
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Old 2011-11-14, 10:53   Link #124
Join Date: Nov 2011
Usopp definitely. I always hate the weird looking anime characters the most. Can't stand the nose ever.
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Old 2011-11-14, 21:36   Link #125
Mr. E
Join Date: Sep 2009
For me my least favorite character is Sanji. He's okay, I understand his role, I like his backstory, and he's actually pretty cool when things are serious, but he approaches on unbearable with the whole women thing. It is just so over the top and overkill sometimes, especially in some of the stuff coming up in the anime.
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Old 2011-11-15, 09:08   Link #126
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BUGGY! I just cant stand HIm!! Why the hell Gold Roger recruited him??? He's Evil!!!
Also! I cant understand why shanks and Bugy are friends! its so stupid!
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Old 2011-11-15, 15:01   Link #127
Madness Through Sound
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Originally Posted by yakumo-chan View Post
BUGGY! I just cant stand HIm!! Why the hell Gold Roger recruited him??? He's Evil!!!
Also! I cant understand why shanks and Bugy are friends! its so stupid!

Buggy's not that bad hahah he was annoying to begin with, but he's pretty much friends with Luffy now. I bet that if they ran into each other again.. which they probably will.. (I hope they will haha) Then it should be good
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Old 2012-12-05, 23:11   Link #128
inFORM Decisions
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Who do you think is going defeat Doflamingo?
As this arc seems to be going to is end,i think the time has come to ask this question "who is going to take down Dofla?".For most the obvious answer would be Luffy but i think differently.IMO the best way to guess about his future opponent is to take a look at Doflamingo's ability and when you look at it looks like he has the power to control your body movement at will as well as slicing people like a butcher.So for me his best opponent would be Law since it looks like their ability are a good match with his room ithink the fight would be interesting.Don't give me wrong,i don't expect someone like Doflamingo to go down that easily against Law because after all if he has a subordinate Vergo under his wing,it certainly means that the guy is mad strong.I am sure need help from someone(probably Luffy) but in the end i am sure Traffy will be the one to take him down.But hey,that my opinion.
Anyway i would like to know what you think it
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Old 2012-12-06, 01:37   Link #129
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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Dragon, just because that those whole revolutionary things are just not complement with the main theme and story (kinda like oil and water)...
maybe because lack of details and action about him given so far, but we'll see
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Old 2012-12-26, 00:54   Link #130
Ero Sennin the Second
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Originally Posted by Icer View Post
Anime as of episode 89-
Just found it funny NOW, considering all that has happened ... Cheers. How Oda surprises us.
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Old 2012-12-26, 01:06   Link #131
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Two words: Celestial Dragons.
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Old 2013-12-18, 17:59   Link #132
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cant say i dislike any chacters in one piece but if forced to pick.

capone the supernova
bon clay
mr 3
the obvious cd's as much of a cop out as that answer is because your suppose to hate them
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Old 2013-12-18, 18:08   Link #133
Blackbeard D. Kuma
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^What's your reasoning for those dislikes?
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Old 2013-12-18, 22:11   Link #134
Tornado The Dragon
A.K.A Big Brother
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Least favorite character? Hard to say. I will have to think about it.
Set thanks to: Auxilism tyvm
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Old 2013-12-19, 06:44   Link #135
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My least favorite character would be Foxy the Silver Fox because of the amount of hax and bullshit regarding him, his whole crew and their awful games.
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Old 2013-12-19, 15:01   Link #136
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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
^What's your reasoning for those dislikes?
Mostly personality rubs me the wrong way from what I have seen.

capone the supernova - have not fully made up my mind yet on him but what i seen so far he just isnt something I like. his whole i am a mafia pirate is weak and I dont like his df

caribou - just rubs me the wrong way dunno really just dont like him

bon clay - he is just so faggy like I dont have a problem with gays but I hate the flamboyant ones because it bugs me. just cuz you like guyz does not make you a girl.

mr 3 - he is such a coward most of the time and the coward personality bugs me

the obvious cd's as much of a cop out as that answer is because your suppose to hate them

kizaru - just so laid back cocky and arrogant
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Old 2013-12-24, 11:22   Link #137
One King One Legend
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There is no such thing a least I like character. Unless you wanna consider Hody, maybe. The most pathetic villain. He makes Tenryubito more badass than him, even Saints like Charloss and Mjosgard are better than him.
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Old 2014-01-02, 12:59   Link #138
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Originally Posted by philip72 View Post
This pointless thread should be closed.

It serves no legitimate purpose. The whole thing is just a festering lump of low level trolling and idiocy (Hurr, durr I hate the evil antagonist), and shouldn't have a place here.
Trolling or not, I'd say you're right. All this hate is overrated, even the kind that goes to the most despecible.
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Old 2014-01-19, 01:40   Link #139
Captian Dracoqueen
One piece
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Thumbs up I like luffy and crews

I love it. All straw hats
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Old 2014-01-22, 02:18   Link #140
Gintoki fan
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I've never really been an Usopp fan, I'm not going to say I hate him as at times he makes me laugh and can impress me but over all he can be more annoying than the rest. Why? Ever since that fight with Luffy I just really couldn't stand him, I understand his love for the ship and how much he cares for his friend but let's look at the bigger picture here eh? If they had moved any more in that broken down ship they would have died and either way the ship was doomed, it was pretty clear to every one how much Luffy cared for the ship but Usopp was more about himself blah blah blah Didn't see how much it was hurting Luffy too only himself and his friend. Not to mention, even after that he'd still question Luffy's leadership saying " This isn't such a good idea! " Each time he'd suggest some thing, the others Zoro / Sanji had faith in him after all that but no!!! Time Skip I thought he'd change but he's still a coward too and hardly fights.

Pre Time Skip Nami annoyed the Hell out of me, sure she does jack but at least she follows Luffy's orders now and respects him. Pre Time Skip Nami would order his crew around at times even when he was giving orders and would hit or hurt any one including Luffy if they didn't do as she said. Glad she changed...Just wish Oda would stop with all this Nami fan service but can't win them all :/
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Pairings I support : Ed x winry. Ash x Serena. Endou x Natsumi. Ginta x Dorothy fan. Luffy x Hancock. Akito x Yurika fan. Gintoki x Tysuki. Boruto X Sumire.
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