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Old 2017-01-31, 22:16   Link #521
Join Date: Jan 2008
Age: 34
its a solid shooter. i have a compact and a subcompact conversion kit. have more than 1k rounds through it without any issues, and i've yet to clean it..
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Old 2017-02-01, 20:53   Link #522
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Yea, I am probably moving my G19 4th Gen to make way for this one as I do not need two compact 9mm's. I would like the P320 X-Carry they had shown at SHOT but they probably won't be out for months.
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Old 2017-11-10, 02:50   Link #523
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Marines Are Buying "M007" Glocks For Special Agents
And Its Elite Helicopter Unit:

"U.S. Marine Corps criminal investigative special agents and members of the service’s
highly specialized Helicopter Squadron One, which provide support to the President of
the United States and other top officials, are getting new Glock 19M 9mm pistols. The
Corps says it is issuing the guns specifically to personnel who have the need to carry a
concealed weapon and has named them, in an homage to a certain fictional secret
agent, the M007 Concealed Carry Weapon. But beyond the concealed carry requirement,
the type is becoming increasingly popular throughout the service."

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Old 2019-03-21, 18:16   Link #524
Psyco Diver
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Join Date: Feb 2014
So I've been thinking about competition shooting again lately, I've been looking at local IDPA matches since they cater to conceal carry firearms which is all I have currently (I gave my full size back to my brother) and are noob friendly but I've been eying up 2 gun and 3 guns matches, I have the shotguns but need to get another long gun. I've thought about building another AR but honestly they don't do it for me. I've always wanted a SKS but never bought them when they were super cheap now I can't find one for under $300 but I don't think that would be a good choice for competition. I've had my eye on Hi-Point 995 carbines, it would share the same ammo as my pistol and the 20 round mags along with the bulpup kit makes it a very nice looking option

In other news I've been thinking of getting my trainer certification because for the last few years I've worked with several people including police officers on helping them shoot better. Even a recent trip to a range with my mom and the RO complimented me on my ability to explain and correct behaviors she was having
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firearms, guns

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