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Old 2015-08-15, 13:06   Link #21
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Immortal Bird?

Question, how does the Phenex Immortality work, is it like cell from dbz where so long as a cell is left they regenerate? or even if theres no cells left they will spring up from nothing, life if the dust release from naruto was used is it a kill or not a kill?
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Old 2015-08-15, 13:10   Link #22
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Given the magical nature and what we've seen of his regeneration, I'd guess it's like the latter, where he could come back even from ash. His family derives their power from the phoenix, after all, and when he lost his arm to Rias, it reappeared in a burst of flame.
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Old 2016-08-24, 15:13   Link #23
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Excuse me, everyone. Does this forum has Rossweisse Character Discussion? The reason why I asked is that I want to know Rossweisse's three sizes in bust, waist, and hips. As well as her height and weight. I've looked on myanimelist site on Rossweisse. But no measurements have been determined.
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Old 2016-08-24, 15:52   Link #24
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Rossweisse's three sizes are B96-W61-H89 cm and her height is 173 cm. (weight is not stated)
She is the fourth bustiest and the third tallest female character in series. At least as between those who have officially stated measurements.
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