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Old 2015-05-15, 16:04   Link #21
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Originally Posted by BWTraveller View Post
She seems to be going a little overboard, but it's still cool. I do feel like she just went from complete rejection of her cat-ness to suddenly trying to emphasize that side of herself in the extreme. Depending on interpretation this could be a psychological overreaction, deciding to flaunt that side of herself to extreme levels, or a manner of release: she's been holding back for so long that letting herself go involves insane indulgence.

Either way, it's somewhere between creepy and adorable seeing her sleep while snuggling and rubbing her head against his "lap". As I mentioned in an episode thread, I can't help but wonder whether this's partly an instinct to mark things she claims as her personal property (cats often rub their faces and other areas against things to mark territory). Not to mention what will happen when any of the others realize that the constantly putting her face or backside on this area could be a way of marking it as hers. Whether there's any truth to it, at least one or two girls may get quite offended at the idea that she's declaring exclusive rights to his nether regions.
I foresee the war for Issei's lap to be one of those of legend, like between the tiger, the dragon, and phoenix
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A way to accept her being a cat at every chance could tie into the fear she had. She feared the power controlling her. Maybe that form is something she can't get enough of in a sense.
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Old 2015-09-07, 08:40   Link #23
Vitne Eveille
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Totally just stumbled onto this thread, but (after looking it up) I like the look of Koneko and the overall plot, so I've gotta check this out. Sounds fun.
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