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Old 2013-01-31, 19:26   Link #81
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Originally Posted by pinoscotto View Post
1)i think when the minoshiro talked about bonobos' society it was referring to sexual intercourses used to relieve stress, nothing else
2)kids are forced into homosexual relationships, adults are forced into straight ones, homosexuality is not a theme of the show, sexual freedom is. it would be a problem if the author was talking about an utopian society, but this is a distopy, i don't think he is a promotor of child-killing
I understand that sexual freedom is a theme, and my disappointment stems from the fact that an actual bonobo like society with no strong monogamous bonds, but instead a truly integrated everyone-loves-everyone system would have been a much more interesting take on the theme of sexual freedom. As for your last sentence, I don't know what your point is. I never assumed the author to be homophobic based on the story, actually I rarely think about personal traits of an author so it didn't even cross my mind.
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Old 2013-02-03, 17:21   Link #82
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I entered into the final story arc for this series. Twelve years passed since Maria and Mamoru left the village for good, and the remaining children of group one have all turned into adults: Saki and Satoru.

Recall my warnings for episode 15? Well, dark clouds are billowing everywhere threatening to cover the bleak horizon in that dystopian world.

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