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Old 2010-03-04, 12:27   Link #21
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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I finally listen to some of the songs of this album. My reaction was mixed.
Some of the songs were. just. bad. (OMG Mai Kadowaki, why did u ruin "Pretty Fly"! And Oh God! The cute voices! Why The Cute Voices!!)
But few of the songs were very good like Rie Tanaka's version of "Anarchy in the UK" and i never knew a sentimental version of "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Yuko Goto could sound so beautiful. (Yes. A sentimental version of "Smells like Teen Spirit" and its good too. I still a little shock by this).
Can't believe it's been a year since i started this post.
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Old 2010-03-04, 17:50   Link #22
Team Spice and Wolf UK
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I'm not a massive punk fan although I dabbled heavily in punk-rock when I was younger before my tastes became more solid, but had to laugh like hell about this (and what is Smells like Teen Spirit doing on a punk album?).

Even from the amazon clips most of those just dont suit the original songs that well, they really are remakes, and I dunno, theres probably a market for this, but even though I like some of this style, and I like some Japanese stuff, this album is just NOT for me.
Total Anime watched= Enough. What can I say? I'm a convert...
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