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To Aru Majutsu no Index - NEW Image Thread (wallpapers, fan art, gifs, etc.)

This thread is dedicated to letting you share To Aru Majutsu no Index related images. You may post wallpapers, doujin art, gif or flash animations, etc. that you have found or created.

Some things to remember when posting:
  • The purpose this thread is to post images and discuss things directly related to said images.
  • You may not carry on discussions related to shipping, pairings, or upcoming fanfiction/doujin in Image Threads
  • We do not allow the sharing of high-resolution art-book and untranslated manga/novels scans or CG taken directly from games.
  • You should give appropriate credit to the creator of the image whenever possible.
  • Don't "steal" another site's bandwidth by hotlinking, upload the image(s) to an image hosting site instead.
  • Please use space-separated thumbnails for very large images; do not post large images in-line.
  • Do not "hide" images behind old-style spoiler tags. Instead, please use one of these new tags:

    [images] (For general collecting of images)
    [nsfw] (For any risqué or not-safe-for-work image)
    [spoil] (For any image(s) that spoil major plot points or not-yet-animated content. You must use an appropriate label.)

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