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Old 2020-07-14, 12:23   Link #321
Akira Theia
Join Date: Nov 2019
Mashima is really doing his best to make the story even more interesting and intense now that the anime is coming.

I think Ziggy is evil now because he saw a future where humans do something very awful to machines and that's why he thinks robots must conquer the cosmos before humans destroy them. Given what he's saying about Shiki being his biggest mistake, Shiki probably turned evil in that future. Remember the Gravity Ether Gear can transfer memories to other timelines, so it's very likely Ziggy was never dead, but sent his consciousness to the future and only returned now.

On another topic, the interactions between Shiki and Rebecca lately are giving me the vibe that Mashima-sensei will make their relationship crucial to the plot like Haru and Elie. After all, their Ether Gears seem to be connected and it's possibly their meeting is some kind of fate.

With all the crazy time travel, Edens Zero could become something very unique in shonen manga if Mashima-sensei continues handling in a way that's not too hard to follow, something that's a common problem of using time travel as a plot device. Although, since he says he planned out the story and with the good pacing things are playing out, I feel I can trust him to do a good job.
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Old 2020-07-14, 17:13   Link #322
Dragon King
Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Age: 31
You might be right about Ziggy there. If you are, then hopefully the future changes to one where Shiki won't turn bad.

I do want Shiki and Rebecca to have a romantic relationship like Haru and Resha (I prefer calling her by her real name). If that happens then that's great. I'm fine even if it doesn't, though. And you have a pretty good point about their Ether Gears too.

I'd like to know how there can be two people with the same Ether Gear at the same time. Hopefully with Ziggy back in the picture, that question will be answered now at some point. I've been wondering about that ever since Hermit said that Ziggy had the same moves as Shiki and Shiki said that Ziggy taught him.
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Old 2020-07-14, 17:13   Link #323
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Portugal
Age: 33
I've been quite enjoying this story so far.
Mashima-sensei sure has been outdoing himself after Fairy Tail.
I'll surely enjoy the anime a lot when it airs.
For those potentially interested, I've translated Chapter 01 of my original LN-style story, LEGACY SCIONS, from portuguese to english.

You can download it here. Feedback is welcome. I hope you like it.
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Old 2020-07-15, 22:50   Link #324
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Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: somewhere in Asia
I think We are jumping a bit too quick on ship, But the bit about ether gear connected actually making me question, Not rebecca and Shiki since that seem overeach to me, but is Shiki Ether gear and Ziggy connected ? I mean, Shiki awake overdrive actually was the result of Cat Leaper But if Shiki retain the memories, in case that the 2 gravity gears are connected, it's likely that Ziggy can see it as well, and we know that rebecca has dream of a future where the cat is dead, so Ziggy who have bigger control, in the case of Shiki and him are connected, are very likely to see some grave future. It also might be that it isn't connected until Shiki acquired overdrive and his overdrive trigger Ziggy
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Old 2020-08-25, 09:08   Link #325
Akira Theia
Join Date: Nov 2019
With all the intense chapters as of late, a beach chapter is the best way to bring relief to both the readers and characters. You got to admire Mashima-sensei's artwork, the scenary here is really beautiful and imaginative.

Moments between Shiki and Rebecca like in this chapter are making me grow fond of the pairing. They're really cute together and their chemistry feels very natural. I like potential couples much better when the characters aren't acting super awkward or oblivious and instead, just enjoy being together. That's the sort of feeling Shiki and Rebecca are giving me.

Now, time to unveil some secrets about mother and maybe why a fire planet turned into an ocean planet.
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