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Old 2017-12-21, 04:05   Link #281
4th Dimension
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Oh I know about the abrupt ending bit. They called his threat to stop Negima and it turned out not to be a bluff.

But UQ doesn't really work as closure, at least not in first couple years of it's run.

To me the whole thing sounds more like Ken asking himself what I should do now, and instead of doing something entirely new, which would need to just be carried on his name and fame alone as a start, he deliberatelly set it in a world familiar to his readers with the MC under the tutelage of one of the probably fan-favorite characters set far away from the Negima and in an AU to boot to escape the accusations of copyright infringement and such, that might show up if he decided to continue Negima proper.

As such the show was supposed to just use the fact that it's set in a similar universe as a draw for the Negima fans, while doing it's own thing. Hell, the AU bit is probably explicitly so it could do it's own bit, so the reader doesn't really know how actually things went down in Negima period.

It's also quite possible that greater tie in with Negima came at much later date, as an ham fisted attempt to rope in more Negima readers. And as we have seen in manga, the actual closure of Negima in the real timeline came much MUCH later.

PS: Although I can't really say it was not planned that way from the start. On one hand the bit with the dead influencing the living sensitive to their despair and such, is something that was part of the overall threat ever since Mahora arc. But the reintroduction of the Mage of the Beginning as a threat once more (which is the bit I SPECIFICALLY don't like) is a relatively recent thing.

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Old 2017-12-21, 07:48   Link #282
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You can't say it's 'closure' when you're setting the sequel eighty years later, with most of the previous characters with loose ends left dead, and working with a mostly new cast. Even the few characters left, like Eva, Negi and Fate, are left with huge gaps on their stories. You've literally just brought more unresolved baggage (of what happened during that huge period of time) than what you left behind last time with them, but with everyone else, they can't have satisfying resolutions BECAUSE THEY AREN'T AROUND ANYMORE.

By reacting the way he did ending Negima prematurely, Akamatsu only damaged his franchise, his fanbase, and ultimately his career. Kodansha can and will keep on chugging just fine without him, but he's pretty much left his magnum opus in such a mess it's highly doubtful it can be savaged at all anymore. By throwing the baby out with the bathwater, he ultimately only caused minimal damage to the company trying to screw him over and major damage to himself and his status.
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Old 2017-12-21, 12:36   Link #283
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UQ Holder BD box artworks revealed.
cover, booklet, and pactio cards.
to be honest, the biggest selling point of the whole thing, Nodoka's "new" card, is less than underwhelming.

a limited number Kirie tapestry will also be included in “some” of the first printing BD box, first come first serve.

I will end my UQ anime comment with this chart.
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Old 2017-12-21, 13:33   Link #284
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Pathetic, not only they ranked near the bottom of the barrel, but they don't even seem to be putting a real effort on the goodies (which of course are as limited as possible because that helps promotion. In Bizarro World, that is).
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Old 2017-12-24, 14:44   Link #285
Mr. DJ
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As I never read the manga, I see why practically everyone is annoyed with this adaptation. I did enjoy the show though it was obviously rushed from even a anime only viewer perspective.

Be nice to get proper seasons of Negima into UQ Holder.

Also, now I know why UQ Holder's OP sounded so familiar lol
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Old 2018-02-02, 14:20   Link #286
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Bumping for a good cause.

The Blu Rays should be out in Japan already, right? They were supposed to come out in January 31. Doesn't anyone have any pics? Is the Chamo censorship done with? Any extra scenes or animation improvements?
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