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Old 2023-01-19, 15:55   Link #541
James Rye
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Happy for the anime.
New chapter seems to be about a week long return to the old days on the journey when Himmel and co are going to kill the Demon King. Am quite curious to see how that will go. The colored pages were beautiful to look at.
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Old 2023-03-19, 12:14   Link #542
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Not quite the return anyone was expecting, as Freiren and the party are attacked by a demon that (as far as she remembers) didn't encounter on her original journey with Himmel.

She's holding back from using flight magic so that she doesn't affect the future, I think she might as well at this point since it's not like Zart is supposed to be there either.
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Old 2023-03-21, 18:38   Link #543
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If I understand correctly, she got sent back in time due to having touched the monument, and Zart also implied that he appeared because of that, which makes me think it's the kind of situation where the world or time tries to correct itself. Zart knows that Frieren came from the future, but rest of the Hero Party doesn't know anything.
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Old 2023-03-22, 07:37   Link #544
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The fact that they didn't kill that Demon General in the past meant that he should be in the future, but I don't see them walking away from a fight just for the sake of the timeline, so I say she should just skip pretenses and go ham while asking everyone not to tell her anything when her mind jumps back to the future and her past self comes back. The fact that she takes on Fern and Stark in the future should be because she mentioned them in the past so they knew she would look after them when the time came. Perfect loop.
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Old 2023-03-29, 12:25   Link #545
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Manga updated. Himmel figured out fast she was putting on airs and told her to take it seriously. She promptly does.
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Old 2023-03-29, 12:33   Link #546
Key Board
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New game plus Frieren
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