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Old 2007-03-30, 12:51   Link #1
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What's your Gundam Role?


I was thinking about Gundam and if I were a character what could I truley contribute based upon my real-world skills and personality?? In the real life I work as a TV journalist, but have other skills aswell I think would translate to Gundam...So this isn't totally based on what your profession or major is but morso if you were in the war-torn world of Gundam what would it be?

For myself I think I'd be good as an in-battle negotiator...many people in my family have always told me I should have been a lawyer or negotiator because of my very persuasive arguing skills...I guess I can't blame them I do think I have a good ability to get what I want out of people via the gift of gab...So in the Gundam world I don't think it would be much different for me...I would be that guy they send to Haman's HQ with the terms of some agreement with the goal to persuade her to our side of thinking (Yeah sucks to be me^^)...Obviously I would have to have some MS training as most no-counts in Gundam have but I no doubt would be flanked by some pilots far greater than myself...And if it came down to me having to fight I would no doubt talk my way out of it in a shrewd manner citing war violations or whatever need be to save my hide...

I also could see myself as an emissary of someone like Dullindal or even a spokes-person of some sort for Anaheim Electronics or some war company...I think my qualifications in the Gundam world would have the potential for that...

So think of this kinda like the DESTINY PLAN except you decide your placement based on your own skills and personality unique to yourself (Leave your DNA out of it I guess)...What's your Gundam Role? And please be real and honest about this...I don't want 20 fanboys screaming they'd be piloting FREEDOM or NU when they can barely drive their mom's car...If you are or were in the military and believe you could do the same in the Gundam world that's fine, but lets be practical here and look inside ourselves for the most tangible desire...Again this isn't soley about your skills, but what you could potentially be based upon personality or professional skills in the Gundam world...

Leadership abilities like Bright, analytical abilities like Char, emo-brat abilities like Shinn, the body and brains to be a Haman or Nina Purpleton? The bada$$ qualities to be an Enil El? The speaking abilities of a Treize? The video-game driving that would make AA's Neumann blush? What qualities do you have as a real person that would translate to a specific role in Gundam?
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Old 2007-03-30, 13:01   Link #2
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Well just based on my real-life profession I would be working as an engineer in Anaheim, Morgenroete or any other defense contractors in the gundamverse.
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Old 2007-03-30, 14:27   Link #3
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You could be a wartime journalist like Millaria Hawle (Gundam SEED Destiny) and/or Kai Shiden (Zeta Gundam).
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Old 2007-03-30, 14:29   Link #4
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And I might be someone like Chief Petty Officer Murdock o.o

Just kidding. Maybe a low-profile programmer in some defence institute.

Or... a test pilot? XD
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Old 2007-03-30, 16:38   Link #5
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Originally Posted by derfshaya View Post
You could be a wartime journalist like Millaria Hawle (Gundam SEED Destiny) and/or Kai Shiden (Zeta Gundam).
You see this is why I said it isn't totally based on your profession....In a war-zone or battle environment of a Gundamverse I would NEVER want to be some sap taking pictures or reporting...In the normal world, "Yeah!", being a commentator is fine, but I wouldn't wanna get my limbs blown off by some Z'Gok while covering a beach story in the G-world...

Additionally it would be great if you guys could be a little creative and kinda relate what you would be to some scenerio in a Gundam-story...Like when I said I would probably be some emissary having to deal with Haman, think of (or create) a situation that your role in Gundam would've come in handy...
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Old 2007-03-30, 17:06   Link #6
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For me i would have to say i'd be in an Advisor/Strategist position. Or a spokesperson of sorts. People usually come to me for advice, and im a careful planner. I always have a plan B,C,D etc.

I mean use to be great at chess when i played the game years go, and im very good at checkers even now. i prefer not to get my self too dirty, but of course i'd become too ambitious and eventually start a rebellion or stage an assassination of sorts. depending on who leads me i could be loyal. of course i base this of events in my actual life that have happened of course not to this degree.

For example, i had my crew when i was 12 and 13, i was the weakest, but also the smartest. I started out as a follower, but eventually usurped the leadership role through effective charisma, and well hidden deceit. Of course when i moved i had to start over.

Now im a manager at a fast food restraunt, but i have no desire to stab my idiot general manager in the back like some of the other managers.

Anyhow i have a knack for planning, and i'm charismaitc when i choose to be. I prefer any leadership postion where i don't have to get too dirty. I should add that im an effective speaker, and speech class paid off for me. lol.
The times may change, but human nature never will.
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Old 2007-03-30, 22:08   Link #7
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Unfortunately, I'd probably never know much about any war as a civilian beyond the fact that it's happening. I didn't even know the US were dealing with Iraq until much later. And since I have a slight physical disability, I wouldn't do well in a military. On the other hand, I am studying to be an engineer, so in the future, I could possibly be involved in developing new technology for the war (in the show, not in real life). Of course, all in the name of saving the country I live in. Even then, I could only see myself dealing with CE (and perhaps CC) technology. Technologies from the other universes just seem to be filled with things I don't think I can understand fully or want to deal with: psycommu system, DG cells, Zero System, flash system, etc.

But as of now, based only on my personality and current lifestyle, I'd have no active role in any war in any universe, be it gundam or otherwise.
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Old 2007-03-31, 05:18   Link #8
Dan the Man
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Well, I'd like to say that being a devout gamer would give me some skills with a mobile suit. I'm not saying ace pilot, I can barely play Steel Battalion, but maybe an average Joe MS pilot who manages to not be slaughtered by a famous ace. I'm sure I'd be sarcastic, and a nerdy know-it-all, like I tend to be sometimes.

If I were to go strait from my current career, I'd be the best deli worker on the White Base. Some of you may think the White Base didn't have a deli, but in reality, every time you see someone on that ship eat a tasty sandwhich, where do you think it came from? That's right, from my freakin' White Base Deli! So there.

Furthermore, I'd like to add that we White Base Deli crewmen had a good hand in defending the ship in A Baoa Qu. Do you remember the scenes in the last episode/movie with all of the crewmen fighting against Zeon soldiers with rifles? If not, get your tape/DVD. If you look closely, you'll see me and a couple of my fellow WBD friends in combat, and you can easily identify us by the WBD emblems on our normal suits. Though those emblems are never actually in any of the shots, but they're there, dammit!
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Old 2007-03-31, 06:11   Link #9
Count of Monte Dorifto
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Dude, take the following with a grain of salt, because what I'm about to say may be rather sad, having actually thought of it this way...

I treat my store like a battleship. Customers are the enemies, and of course, my co-workers are my allies. The manager, is obviously the captain.
The donuts we sell are our weapons to fight the customers and the cleaning equipment and etc. are our store's defenses, etc.

I'd say I am usually the front line mobile suit pilot, being the main interaction between the 'enemies' and utilizing our 'weapons'. Usually, there are 3-4 of us during a shift with different roles. The two of us serving customers are the mobile suit pilots, or one of us fights the enemies (serves customers) while the other reloads my weapons for me (re-stacking the donut racks).
The register chicks would then be the CIC and stuff that Mirrialia does, etc. and same with the barista crew, who make the drinks.

If the customer orders say, one or two donuts, then they would be just a fukn Windam or something. A ZAKU usually orders a box and sometimes with a drink. A GOUF orders a box, plus ice cream and drink, etc.

I use three sets of equipment (a.k.a, my silhouette packs, LOL), which in the standard pack, I am equipped with a box and a carry bag, my second pack consists of a sanitiser spray and a cleaning cloth, and my heavy weapons pack consists of the mop and the wet floor sign.

Our store is what I consider to be the Archangel or Minerva, because we are bigger than our ally store (which we will call, the Eternal, because they are smaller and they close earlier and have less crew) and we basically well rounded.

AND, get this, you would not believe this shit, but I also cried when I first found this out.
The beginners or rookie employees have to wear a GREEN uniform.
Most of the fully trained (have learned everything until barista class and even further) often come worn in a RED uniform.
And get this, my manager wears a WHITE shirt.

Also, there are some RED shirted workers that do something really exceptional and good that they get an award, with a bright star stuck next to their name tag (it so screams FAITH badge, lol)

Okay, I have such a bizarre view towards what I do.
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Old 2007-03-31, 06:43   Link #10
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^M_Flores, Since the beginning of time it seems you called out to some greater power for a random one like myself to post this thread...Your donut comparison has been cloaked in Mirage Colloid for far too long...I guess a dozen of those specialty donut's (with the pink frosting and such) are God Gundam's w/Neutron Jammer Cancellers xD...

Good Stuff, "Oh and I need about a half dozen glazed..." ^___________^
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Old 2007-03-31, 12:23   Link #11
Eidolon Sniper
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Going by my personality...probably I'll be doing a Lacus type thing and be part of the diplomatic corps or something...I'm good at giving advice sometimes it makes me wonder why my mom sometimes ask me what to do next on a continuing family problem, LOL... I'm very intuitive when it comes to people, and I use my intuitiveness in order to get at the root of the problem with no heartless precision...and it's probably because of my nature (being too much of a goody two shoes and all) that people always seem to underestimate that I'm such an idiot that just charges blindly into upholding what I feel/deem/know to be real; in truth, I sit back, relax, and see the situation at hand in the BIGGER picture before trying to do something "stupid". I believe in doing something once you've pretty much gauged the entire scenario and testing it first before plunging straight in. I also am tolerant of what others think; I don't go biting their heads off randomly just because they don't feel the same way I do. I also try not to be a hypocrite; hypocrisy is something that just totally infuriates me for some reason. I am no saint, but I try not to get on other people's nerves for being a hypocrite.

I have no fancy skills except that I have photographic memory; maybe they'll get to assign me to the intelligence corps? I read a book, or essays, and I remember its gist even after a long time has already passed, same goes for noticing discrepancies in photographs once I have analyzed them well enough. Only, I haven't actually tested myself to assure my chances of survival, so I have no idea what would happen to me in case something DOES happen. I could go to a certain place I've never been before just by asking directions and just that. I also know things just by watching others do it first before attempting to do it by myself (which, unfortunately, only covers things/subjects/whatever it is that is/are relevant to my interests ), I suck at techie stuff. As in SUCK.

Fame doesn't faze me, so probably I wouldn't be persuaded to do this or that just because a famous personality said so. I'm quietly critical of what goes on around me, and even if I don't take to the streets shouting slogans or what have you, you could count on me into sticking through my belief through thick or thin or whatever, as long as it is allowed (I could adapt my belief to whatever else is going on at the moment; I don't stay hellish about getting my belief through even if it doesn;t fit the environment anymore). I also display a certain disregard for what is the norms in the society; I just like certain things about me to be different (for example, I try to make [and fail unfortunately LOL ] different sigs from the usual, I even designed my own tshirts just because I just want to break away from what is perceived/deemed correct or beautiful in the fashion sense), so this attitude could land me in the PR department of Dullindal, or Djibril for that matter... or maybe just a faceless part of a group of people who just see differently than what the government is showing to the populace...rebel faction member, anyone? I also have some evil talent of writing, PR could give me a chance to shine. Maybe I could even design Dullindal's wardrobe, while at it. I have this pseudo doujin going on for the last 3 years, and I like designing clothes so much and I also see to it that it fits the personality with whatever my characters are trying to project...charisma and being popular for being a critic on the current government sometimes needs oomph from the way people dress themselves, too.

Or maybe my not so great cooking skills could put me also to the test of being assigned to a ship's kitchen, while at it. Pilots work better on full stomachs.

Ethereal Exiled Queen. NATCH~~~!!!
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Old 2007-04-02, 21:24   Link #12
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Me? I'd be an "engine room" guy - the poor sods who get blown up *every* single time a ship takes damage.
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Old 2007-04-02, 21:36   Link #13
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Id be like Kira. Except i help people a lot and i am capable. Id pilot a damn cool dark blue, silver and white gundam. I would even tell my engineers to customize it and practice my gundam piloting skills like crazy.

I wouldnt be loafing around with Lacus Clyne. My target, kill Shin Asuka.
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Old 2007-04-07, 13:40   Link #14
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Almost certainly a grunt officer who's good as his job, but at the same time would just like to be living a normal life without the complexities of fighting a war. Definitely not an objector or someone "unwillingly" or "accidentally" thrust into the war (like Kira).

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem serving in the military during a war because I intend on volunteering for the military after I graduate from college, anyway. So I'd get my 4-year degree, at least, and then I'd volunteer for the military, entering officer training shortly thereafter.

I'm not a particular fan of mechs, so I'd prefer to be an infantry officer. As long as there are wars to be fought and battles to be won, there will be infantry. So even in the unlikely event our world ever is like a Gundam series, there will be infantry right there along with the MSs. I'm definitely a problem solver in real life, and I don't stop until the job is done. I'd find any way possible to defeat even a technologically-superior enemy with simple American ingenuity and resolve.

Also, I get what I want. I don't alienate people to do that, but I get what I want. I'd probably be that maverick officer who gets around regulations by some loophole, and gets better supplies his unit shouldn't get because he has "contacts" with the Quartermaster and S4 (supply officer).

Since I'm just a student, my current "profession" really doesn't have a bearing on what I'd like to do. But, I am a Summer Session mentor and a TA (and hopefully soon to be a THON OPP Captain), so I guess my extracirriculars mirror how I'd like to be an infantry officer, leading a group of soldiers (as opposed to college students... though I treat some of my kids like soldiers in terms of discipline when they don't do what they need to do! "I SAID USE MLA FORMAT AND NONE OF YOU DID! DROP AND GIVE ME FIFTY!").

My personality while leading groups is fairly effective, I think, and something I've learned from several of my family members (most of whom are military or ex-military). I'm not an "evil boss," as I prefer my group members to like me and feel comfortable with me leading them. At the same time, I expect them to follow orders when I give them. If they trust me, they're more likely to follow what I say. And I would never ask a soldier to do something I myself wouldn't do.

As a student of military history, I may not agree with everything behind why a particular war is fought, but I think the duty of serving one's country is more important than that. It's always possible that as a simple soldier and civilian you just can't understand the ramifications of the war (the bigger picture, I mean... You're not aware of the bigger picture. Not that you can't "understand" the war because of lack of brain power or something).

In a strange twist, I think it would be extremely interesting to be born a Coordinator on Earth and live there my entire life and join the Earth Alliance. Of course, I'd have to keep me being a Coordinator a secret for my life, but I think it would be very interesting to have a Coordinator in the EA who doesn't care if people are Naturals or Coordinators, but instead only cares about protecting his home planet, where he's lived his entire life. It's more important to protect his family, friends, and planet than to side with those who are "like" him.

Actually... This isn't going to go over well, but...

I'm doing an OC fic for GS/D about what I just said. ^^; Yes, OC. I did, in fact, say OC. I know that's terribly frowned upon, but that's just how I write.

Oh, and I'd definitely do one thing: Serve aboard the Archangel as the ship's security forces and "teach" Kira how to be a soldier. The first half of that series where he does nothing but whine... GAWD! >_< I'm surprised the writers didn't have Mwu talk to him! I mean, Mwu is a seasoned pilot who has killed people before. Have the guy talk to Kira and tell him to "Suck it up, kid" or something! I mean, you CANNOT have Kira breaking down in the middle of combat and getting someone else killed... So as a seasoned soldier I'd have to sit Kira down and dress him down (it's a figure of speech, people... Not ACTUALLY dress him down...) about how he needs to suck it up and not break down in combat "or we're all gonna die." Which is something I do IRL... But obviously not over something as important as a war! lol No, more like at sports practice (when someone wants to give up) or in group work, etc. Like I said earlier, I never stop until the job is completed, whether I want to go on or not. I make sure everyone completes the goal.

A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future. –General George S. Patton, Jr.

Avatar v. 37.0: Fighter Squadron 31. The VF-31 "Tomcatters."
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Old 2007-04-08, 02:38   Link #15
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Id be protesting and detesting about killing children. You stupid shameless old hentai jiji bastards!!!
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Old 2007-04-08, 15:52   Link #16
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I always consider myself as a front line forward pusher....

Then I played RFO as a Bellos armor rider (pilot) so I know that I am horrable at foward-push, I always get too far ahead during war and forced to eject myself from the mecha before it blows up. However, I found myself doing a lot better when I switched to long range equipment on the mecha supporting the front line.

I guess I will be one of them grunt with a 320mm canon in the back looking for things to shoot that is pissing off our front line, or shooting at Shin while maintaining distance since I hate Shin so much... only if I don't suck at melee in mecha
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Old 2007-04-10, 11:26   Link #17
The all seeing eye
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I'd be one of those stupid pilots u get to c be beam-spamd by kira because simply put im stupid like that lol
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Old 2007-04-11, 05:47   Link #18
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I will surely be a Gundam Pilot, I will pilot Wing Zero Custom and shoot everyone on earth Ha5x, anyway it's kinda good to think what role you want to do, but not everything will goes on your way, the easiest thing to do is do engineers, you just need to study and you got it.
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Old 2007-04-11, 07:46   Link #19
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I'll be like Domon a gundam fighter...but, I train alone. I will have no master.
I'll rebuild Shining Gundam which was destroyed and fight Domon's God Gundam for the 14th Gundam fight.
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Old 2007-04-12, 00:12   Link #20
*IT Support
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Chances are, I'll be both a technician/engineer and pilot. I would rather pilot the things I create than usually have someone else do it.
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