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Old 2024-05-15, 22:02   Link #141
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Honestly I'd say Megumin is right to consider Iris a huge rival and threat. Being a Princess is a pretty big advantage for someone like Kazuma. Plus that whole ring thing is just a huge thing. Especially since she knows he was one of thieves and that he took it. And no matter how goofy that group is...they probably are the ones that will defeat the demon king. I mean certainly won't be Mitsurugi .

This princess thing went on for a lot longer than I honestly expected. Guess we'll see what trouble the main group get into next!
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Old 2024-05-15, 22:09   Link #142
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Kazuma talking like Vanir should've been the giveaway that the mask was affecting him. He even talked about feeling the power of negative emotions.

I like how Darkness learned to work around her accuracy issues by grabbing them directly

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Old 2024-05-17, 02:18   Link #143
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Originally Posted by patnam View Post
so what is the next arc?
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Old 2024-05-17, 19:17   Link #144
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Finally caught up to the third season =03. Actually, after the movie, I was interested in the crimson demons to go back to the Megumin series, but I watched it in an awkward random order(9>5>6>4>1-3>7-8>10-12). Randomly starting ep 9 first was a good motivation to watch the rest. The first episodes were still bland/boring but seeing what came after it made me want to slog through it. Nice series overall, but would not return to it for the laughs.

Anyway this season has been a blast to binge through. Darkness being dependable and serious in regards to behaving around royalty was pretty extraordinary; she's done this before, but not nearly consistent as this. Iris was super adorable and will certainly be missed. The action segments in the last episode were very enjoyable; classic silly/serious in typical Konasuba fashion. I almost feel like the rest of the season won't measure up to this last arc, considering they are going back to Axel, but can still be enjoyable. I kinda miss Darkness getting bullied by Kazuma.
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Old 2024-05-22, 10:36   Link #145
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The gang finally get their long-awaited reward for Sylvia and are more popular than ever! Kazuma is totally not going to let this go to his head, right? Right ?

One week later Kazuma and Aqua are acting like the most high class of customers in a restaurant, talking like they actually know everything about food and high class wine to the point of demanding the chef show up so they can sound cool...only to end up spouting stuff that makes them sound like idiots and weirdos. But nothing a long pause and an "I see." Also, Aqua's butt crack !

Megumin and Darkness aren't engaging in an S&M relationship, Megumin is testing Darkness for an upcoming endurance challenge! And Darkness is enjoying herself, especially since she can't get away with this at home (anymore). Of course it also leaves her at Kazuma's mercy and he's ready to finally get some payback .

Did Aqua get scammed into buying a fake dragon egg? She acts all high and mighty about raising "Emperor Zel" but I'm sure in true Konosuba fashion it will turn out nothing like she expects it too .

Vanir is good for business deals, chewing out Aqua, putting Wiz to work so hard she can't screw anything up and gets turned into a customer service robot, and giving fortune readings and embarassing secrets for people !

I love that Darkness is shredded and I think she'd look great in Megumin's outfit (especially since it wouldn't fit her body), and she looks great in all her form-fitting outfits! None of which has anything to do with reading her fortune, but good to get that out there !

Darkness' family is going to be in trouble and there's nothing she can do about it? Good thing she's got her friends .

Darkness wants to fight a Kowloon Hydra (because her family desperately needs the money) and the promise of a kiss on the cheek isn't enough to motivate Kazuma at this point, especially when he's sitting pretty with cash (just don't be idle about it). But even he can't defeat Darkness' puppy dog eyes .

Aqua should've stayed home and taken care of her egg, now she's sitting on-top of a Hydra head, Dragon Slaying Megumin can't Explosion with her on it, and looking at a nice portrait of Darkness !?
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Old 2024-05-22, 16:29   Link #146
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It is hard to image a goddess needs to eat and goes to toilet. At least, Aqua can buy some decent cloth. She is not some kind of Greek-Roman goddess sculpture. Her attire may attract unwanted attention.

A chicken raised by a goddess. It is something to be afraid.

At this point, Kazuma shouldn't worry about losing life from fighting a hydra. Aqua needs him to defeat a demon king for her to return to her office. Every time Kazuma suffers a brutal death, Aqua reconstructs his flesh and bones. Under Aqua's pressure, Eris sends Kazuma back despite getting tired of it.

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Old 2024-05-22, 18:02   Link #147
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The best part of the episode was definitely Vanir leading everyone to think his extremely embarrassing questions were necessary to read Darkness' fortune, only to reveal he was just making conversation.

I guess we're finally going to deal with Alderp for good in this arc.
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Old 2024-05-22, 20:43   Link #148
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Well Kazuma & the gang got a big pay day and now Kazuma & Aqua are acting like complete asses and Darkness just being more weird

Poor Wiz being over worked by Vanir

Well Emperor Zel well so be here
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