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Old 2018-10-03, 13:54   Link #41
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Okay. I'll bite. This is off topic btw, I already explained what I would like in a Delta2 movie.

Making contact with other remnants of the Protoculture was a way for humanity to expand and survive. Connecting through culture etc. was one of the main reason for Megaroad-1 to go on its mission.

Tak knows numbers better than me, but: the Zentreadi nuked the Earth and only a small portion of humanity survived. Humans made peace with only a small faction of the Zentreadi, there are still many-many factions out there and they are a threat. Not just to humans and their Zentreadi allies, but other smaller groups created by the Protoculture. The people of Zola, Ragna, those cat people etc. A united allience is needed for survival. We've seen encounters both rogue factions (M7) and rebelling factions (Galia IV). There is a place to explore corruption in it's ranks, but this was not the way.

The Wind were willing to accept the tech from the Nuns. But unlike other species, they didn't want to give anything in return and this goes waaaay back to their supperiority complex. A belief that was crushed once they realized that not only were they not alone, they kinda sucked in every way except strength. The runes just drain their lives.

Nuns have been looking for allies and gave tech in exchange for stuff like soldiers joining them. The Wind had one thing the others in their cluster did not have. A material that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. They wanted to profit off of this, Grace used this to destroy Galia IV and used the Vajra, the species producing FQ to mind rape the galaxy. We know the Protoculture experimented with this concept for several reasons, but most importantly:
- The Bird Human in Macross Zero was based on the Vajra Queen
The Sigur Valens in Delta uses the same mind rape tech Grace used via the Vajra Queen in Frontier. The runes are similar to the Vajra hivemind. It's not only easy to put 2 and 2 together, it's spelled out in the series.

Anyway my point is that: Due to millions of hostile Zentreadi out there and the Protodevlin incident, Nuns were right to look for allies. Wind were not right to take everything offered for granted and free of charge. Never mind feeling above everyone else, which they did.
Nuns were right to restrict fold quartz distribution in between allies after the events is Frontier. They owed nothing in exchange. That Gramia was willing to sell out to terrorists to dig out the Sigur Vallens was a valid concern, he lived up to that and they used it to cause mass genocide on a planet that had nothing to do with the attack on their home.
Tl;dr Nuns made contact, like with others in the cluster. Wind accepted tech etc. but was unwilling to pay the price. They went further when they started a war over selling a material that could cause mass destruction. Everyone was fine with mind raping Al Shahal and using Mikumo, against her will, to mind rape and kill thousand when the Nuns took action.
I know what Kawamori wanted here. We get it. He screwed up. The Wind are not the victims here.
I'm really off now. Bye.

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Old 2018-10-23, 10:16   Link #42
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Originally Posted by John117xCortana View Post
Personally I think the NUN never should have made contact with them in the first place. They should have just left them alone.
There is no question the NUN wish to gain control of any place where Protoculture Artifacts & Fold Quartz are found, and that Windermere provided just such venue. The Windermerians for their part, probably didn't know what most of the monuments and artifacts on their planet actually do in addition to their pre-modern statis, and thus might have contributed to the initial underestimation of them by the NUN.

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
That's just a war strategy. It's not the same as brainwashing the whole Galaxy.
As I said before, it's fine and dandy if you employ it as a war strategy, but it's a strategy so vile that if you failed, which is the case for Windermere, you'd better be prepared for the consequences.

Ironically, the only thing standing between Windermere and a swarm of angry neighbors with torches & pitchforks is the NUNs. So for those who wish NUNs to be out of the picture might just want to think twice, because the conclusion would be, gg Windermere.

- - - - -

Just to elaborate on what Matts said, the galaxy is still a dangerous place. The 4 ~ 5 million strong Zentradi fleet was just one of thousands that graced the Solar System, and humanity only destroyed/pacificed about a million with the rest unaccounted for. The other massive fleets are presumably still fighting an endless war against an equally sizable Supervision Army, and dealing with such delicate situation incorrectly would lead to potential extinction of humanity.

The Windermerians for their part, have no understanding of this. They've never experienced a galactic catastrophe, or even a Zentradi invasion, and if they did, the Zentradi would have wiped them out without a second-thought due to the Windermerians' primitivity. The NUNs offered them survival, and although it could be argued that certain NUN officials are corrupt and possess ulterior motives, they still have no desire to see Windermere extinct.

- Tak

I am not to be held responsible for anything I said or did before coffee.

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Old 2018-10-30, 21:22   Link #43
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We want more Walkure music
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Old 2018-10-30, 23:35   Link #44
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Originally Posted by triangler_fans1 View Post
We want more Walkure music
Oh we're going to get that alright. As it is now, Macross is more an advertisement for the music, than it was before when it was using idols to try and sell a mecha show.

Of course, this is assuming JUNNA doesn't kill her voice first. I was watching the 1st live a year or so back, and all I remember was her voice was DESTROYED by the end. She got better by the 2nd live, but even by the third live she still has this habit of oversinging the 'big belting' parts, and I can't imagine that being good in the long run (especially for someone as young as her). Hopefully her manager is more concerned about her long term career, because even though I doubt she'll get mainstream success, I honestly think she can still sell anisongs for another decade or two PROVIDED these corporate guys don't kill her voice.

And oh yeah, Minoringo finally gained some weight and looks 1000% prettier. The move away from the thin cutesy look (ala JUNNA or Naobu) and more towards a 'fuller' adult feel (ala the other 2 Walkure members) is going to solidify her as the Walkure poster girl, and would make it much more marketable. Like seriously, I thought Minoringo looked FUGLY in the past 2 lives, but I couldn't take my eyes off her in the 3rd.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the movie is tied to the crossover concert, which in turn is connected to the UtaMacross mobage (which is already a crossover). New songs always gets a tie in to UtaMacross, because what better way to market the music by putting it into a movie and concert as well? XD

(But yeah, shameless plug about the UtaMacross rhythm game. If anyone wants to play Ikenai Borderline, Totsugeki Love Heart, Lion, DYRL, or a lot of the new songs of Walkure in an official game, go check it out. And because a lot of the mechanics present in the next tier of difficulty are 'taught' in the Valkyrie portion of the song, the progression even for newbs like me was actually pretty smooth. )

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Old 2018-12-20, 01:12   Link #45
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Old 2018-12-24, 13:27   Link #46
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So the Delta movies so far have been significantly better than the show? It's terrible, since Delta is the Macross I got half way through and didn't finish. Frontier and its films were the gift that kept on giving and Delta... was not.
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Old 2019-02-02, 04:57   Link #47
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News :

So its confirm that 2nd movie is pure original story and essentially sequel to Delta. I so look forward to see who new villain in movie as series villain Roid killed in movie 1.


Last edited by CrowKenobi; 2019-02-02 at 19:20. Reason: Removed off-topic. Please DON’T bring it up again.
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Old 2019-02-02, 19:36   Link #48
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If they do add any of the corrupt NUNS agents, they'll likely be side villains to a new main threat; similar to how they did in Frontier with the Vajra being secondary to Galaxy. Personally, I kind of hope they don't do this because it would basically copy Frontier in this regard.

Regardless of if anyone cares for opinions anymore, especially in this fandom, I'll give my opinion: I'd really like it if the movie could focus on the Windermere war itself. Or, if possible, tie in the relation of Walkure and said war (a.k.a. why Walkure is created in the first place, an origin story of the brand). And I don't mean all the individual stories of the girls like we received already; I mean the origin of the organization itself and its purpose. (Don't really care if it explains Lady M during this... after all, it's obvious that's a troll plot at this point.)

However, since it'll be called a sequel, the likelihood of the above opinion will likely not even feature a roll in the film. So if I go off canon here for a secondary option: I'd really this new movie to fill in any plot holes from the original anime. Of course, this means focusing on Hayate and his father, sadly (even if everyone is sick of the plotline, it does still play an important role in the movies, albeit not as obvious). This plot hole and likely one other which is about Mikumo should be fixed and all would be fine in the story.

Unlike a lot of critics of the series, I don't see loads of issues in Delta's overall story. It's not as rich as Frontier, certainly; however, it's not bad. Hell, loads of people literally dropped Darling in the Franxx because of its second half (or its last like 5 episodes), but it's not a bad series; only badly executed for its second act. And let's be real, no Macross will be like the last in terms of execution or characters; only a direct sequel could follow an act like Frontier or DYRL...

My only hope is the fandom will stop telling people who like Delta that it's garbage or something and they are stupid for liking it (or along those lines) because it's seriously been souring my experience in Macross and I don't believe I'm the only one in this regard...
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Old 2019-02-02, 21:12   Link #49
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All I want is a little more focus on Mikumo. Specially character development. I feel her development was just starting up when the story of Delta ended. It's kind of ironic really. Just when she's starting to open up and become more human, the show ends. So I want the movie to give her a little more character growth.

That's really all I want.

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Old 2019-02-05, 20:04   Link #50
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If it's a sequel and it's set a couple of years later...Freyja Wion doesn't have much time left...
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Old 2019-02-06, 02:43   Link #51
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Maybe they'll have a statue of her... oh, wait.
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Old 2019-06-02, 08:42   Link #52
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Announce movie title call Absolute Live!!!!. Quite vague isn't it?
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Old 2019-06-02, 20:56   Link #53
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Originally Posted by charles883 View Post
Announce movie title call Absolute Live!!!!. Quite vague isn't it?
Not quite... it’s “Absolute LIVE!!!!!!”

The Walküre girls noted that there were six exclamation points, and wondered if that was a mistake. They called out for Kawamori, and suddenly he appeared on the screen, sitting in the audience. They asked him how many exclamation points there were meant to be. He held up five fingers. They said, “Oh, so it IS a typo...” and then he held up his glow stick to his palm, showing that yes, it is supposed to be six.

Last edited by Yot-chan; 2019-06-02 at 21:27. Reason: Added ANN link.
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Old 2019-06-03, 05:27   Link #54
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Ohhhh.... Cue the speculation I guess. Is it someone new? Is it someone we know already? Is the misterious Lady M making an appearance at last?
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Old 2019-06-04, 07:15   Link #55
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Well look forward to see 6th member of Walkure.

It could be King Heinz
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Old 2020-01-24, 16:40   Link #56
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Ok it's almost the end of January 2020 so is there any new information?
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Old 2020-09-15, 10:45   Link #57
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None. It's suggested that the delays mean that the movie is out by 2021, considering COVID.

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Old 2020-10-03, 13:44   Link #58
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Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

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Old 2020-10-03, 13:52   Link #59
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Bring it on! I approve of more Macross especially after the Delta movie was miles more enjoyable than the second half of the TV series.
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Old 2020-10-10, 07:55   Link #60
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Just hope trailer is finally out.
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