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Old 2020-11-26, 22:29   Link #1
Join Date: Jun 2008
Looking up to Magical Girls

English Other: I admire magical girls, and...
Original Title: 魔法少女にあこがれて, Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete
Mangaka: Ononaka Akihiro

Very yuri, very ecchi, very sadistic. One of the best things I've read recently, its depressing that this manga doesn't have a thread yet so I figured I'd make one. Magia Baiser is MVP.

Hiiragi Utena, a girl who loves Magical Girls, lives her ordinary everyday life wishing to be like them. One day a curious character appears in front of her and offers her the power to make her wishes come true, but… Magical Girls vs. The Forces of Evil, the fierce battle begins!
Spoiler for Cover:

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Old 2020-11-27, 08:47   Link #2
Join Date: Jun 2008
Chapter 19 is out in English. Baiser level up
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Old 2020-11-27, 22:42   Link #3
The Shrouded Lonebrave
Join Date: Sep 2012
I love how Baiser always ready to corrupt girls ( bad or good alike ) into doing what she likes hahahah (.... much of it are Yuri dying, ANOTHER Thump up lol!). Next time its Lord Enormetta's turn to fall... or maybe Azul will be the one instead, even if she does get the same timing of power up, the seed was already sowed hahaha.
"....Even when all that left is endless darkness, I will swing my sword full of determination to reach out the light..."
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Old 2020-11-28, 09:13   Link #4
formerly ogon bat
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I am really curious where the mangaka plans to do with the story. Our main character has already defeated the big boss and her minions.
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Old 2020-11-28, 16:53   Link #5
Join Date: Jun 2008
I sort of expect Baiser will go after 'the system' eventually la Madoka or Magical Girl Site. Although she probably has to 'train' some more magical girls first.

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Old 2020-12-27, 10:27   Link #6
Join Date: Jun 2008
I'm behind on everything I'm following because of the holidays... that said, epic spanking session and Baiser gets a promotion she... probably doesn't want. Next arc is going to be interesting.
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action comedy, ecchi, mahou shoujo, sadistic protagonist, yuri

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