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Marcus H.
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That aside, I feel that Sophia is truly a tragic character, but in a different way compared to Oreimo's Ruri Gokou. While Ruri uses her chuunibyou as a default persona and a defensive mechanism, Satone manages to balance out the quirkiness of both Sophia and Satone, making her a very tolerable character. Her past as someone who finds herself "wanting to be closer to Yuuta, but is slowly losing her chuunibyou persona" is an interesting twist to the previous issue presented in the first season regarding "the balance between one's normal identity and one's delusional persona". For this reason, she has to let go of her feelings for Yuuta to keep herself from losing Yuuta for good.

Asymptotic... that's probably the best term I could use to describe Sophia's feelings for Yuuta.

I hope that Sophia's efforts to bring the couple together would be fruitful, but I wouldn't guarantee that everything would sunshine and rainbows in the end.
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