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View Poll Results: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 7 Rating
Perfect 10 7 25.93%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 11 40.74%
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7 out of 10 : Good 2 7.41%
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Old 2014-02-17, 04:37   Link #1
Working Hard
Join Date: Sep 2012
Episode 7, "Volcano Triangle" (Diametric... Hearts)

Script: Jukki Hanada
Storyboards/Direction: Takuya Yamamura
Animation Directors: Kayo Hikiyama, Nao Naito, Miku Kadowaki

Spoiler for Episoe 7 Summary:

Episode 7 Preview
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Preview Images for Episode 7
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credit for ultimatemegax

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Old 2014-02-17, 04:37   Link #2
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Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 7 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, Episode 7.

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Old 2014-02-17, 22:12   Link #3
Dekomori Sanae
Twintail Twister!
Join Date: Jan 2014
Finally we'll see Satone again in ep. 7.
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Old 2014-02-18, 01:46   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2011
Guess that explains why she was absent in the previous episode
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Old 2014-02-18, 03:39   Link #5
sky black swordman
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: California
Looks like we will get to see more of Rikka's jealousy.
Date A Live -Tohka Yatogami
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Old 2014-02-19, 12:58   Link #6
Kamaboko smash & grab
Join Date: Nov 2009
Sophia's history with Yuuta was quite touching. I guess it was a case of bad timing for them, lol.

But what is this? Nibutani might have another secret follower??
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Old 2014-02-20, 14:05   Link #7
Join Date: May 2012
Age: 40
lol i was thinking who the mysterious stalker on the 2 first episdes was just a joke, but turn in to be part of a mystery plot, about a true "fake morisummer".

man the yuri power between nibutani and dekomori is so strong on this series, dekomori whining about nibutani not miss her, omg so lovely

i believe who that mysterious fake morisummer want steal dekomori from nibutani, what gonna lead to finally nibutani accept again her morisummer alter ego back to fight over dekomori.

probabilly dekomori will gonna be obssessed over that fake morisummer and gonna start to give more attention to nibutani make her feel loneni and sad(and jealous about that mysterious person try to steal her waifus)

about schichimia looks like she unlike rikka can't handle have a boyfriend and being chunibiu, she feel forced to choose between the 2 worlds unlike rikkar who can "live in both" and make yuuta also can blend in both worlds, them she decided to give up in yuuta to not lose her chunibyou freedom.

while more and more in love yuuta and rikka become, yuuta is a lost case for any girl at this point.

more and more close rikka goes to awaken the dragon flame inside yuuta, how this gonna happen????

a really awesome episode 10/10.
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Old 2014-02-20, 14:46   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Actually some Chinese wondered who is that fake Mori Summer (or Mori-sama for that). Courtesy Afternoon Tea@AcFun, paraphased.

Suppose it's a recurring character doing that, only Deko and Satone have the motive. But Deko can deathly be excluded, and Satone was too busy and distressed with the Rikka thing this episode to do real-life conversations with Deko.

But the fake Mori Summer know something about Shinka's chuuni history, which may add Rikka and Shinka in the suspect list--but these two are clearly not the culprit, either.

The remaining recurring characters would be Makoto, Kuzuha, Yuuta, and Kumin. Makoto is playing the butt monkey role here, so he can be excluded. Suspicions towards little-sis is also close to zero, and Yuuta doesn't have that much free time dealing with one more person's chuuni. What's left is Kumin--she has deathly enough time, and she can just copy out of the Mabinogion stored in the club room...
I would say, don't dismiss Kuzuha either, she's literally chuuni this year.
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Old 2014-02-20, 15:24   Link #9
Join Date: May 2012
Age: 40
Originally Posted by SamCurt View Post
Actually some Chinese wondered who is that fake Mori Summer (or Mori-sama for that). Courtesy Afternoon Tea@AcFun, paraphased.

I would say, don't dismiss Kuzuha either, she's literally chuuni this year.
but remember in the 2 or 3 first episodes the mysterious "stalker" stalking the girls who are stalking yuuta and rikka, she not was kumin since kumin was with nibutani and deko on this time and if you remember in the second episode when deko started to move the girl with the cam started to follow her, i'm believe who that stalker is related to this fake mori-sama.
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Old 2014-02-20, 15:30   Link #10
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: in my really nice house
Good episode and Shichimiya's backstory was interesting.
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Old 2014-02-20, 15:31   Link #11
Hiroi Sekai
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 27
Holy hot damn, that ending was deadly. I can't do this.
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Old 2014-02-20, 16:31   Link #12
Join Date: Sep 2006
Only one word to say about that ending...


Yeah, I agree that the fake (fake) Mori has to be the stalker from previous episodes.
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Old 2014-02-20, 18:36   Link #13
Senior Member
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Age: 35
Young love or not, Yuuta is an idiot. These are just things you don't do with the chick you "dating" and the one who obviously loves you...
Tho, it's good the air is clear...
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Old 2014-02-20, 21:14   Link #14
Cinderella Gang or Die
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Originally Posted by Pesti13nce View Post
Young love or not, Yuuta is an idiot. These are just things you don't do with the chick you "dating" and the one who obviously loves you...
Tho, it's good the air is clear...
Naw, it's just Rikka being so sensitive about such trifles that makes Yuuta seem like a douche.

But hey, that last line at the end now confirms who's wearing the pants in this lovers' contract.
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Old 2014-02-20, 21:25   Link #15
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Location: gs series
Age: 29
yuta & rikka have day of their own then sophia appear give 3 them together some had 3rd wheel feel.

during yuta & sophia doing something together point rika got "hmm" cue run rika give nibutani calm her & give yuta what were you thinking.

yet sophia go like i'm 3rd wheel so had talk with rika give mention past with yuta even mention one time lack of chuu side but keep it going.

so after talk with sophia then here yuta for rika with gifts for her all good normal in way.

side-part nibutani ask dekomori been making that website give dekomori did not so check it yet going what is meaning of all on it?
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Old 2014-02-20, 21:43   Link #16
The Green One
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
Well to those who complained there wasn't enough Sophia, there's your Sophia.
The Green One is online now  
Old 2014-02-20, 22:54   Link #17
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Good episode, lots of information, and some small progress.

I like that Sophia isn't an antagonist, thought she might be one of those annoying characters always trying to get between them out of jealously. But she just wants to observe from afar, and if need be, help a bit.
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Old 2014-02-21, 02:05   Link #18
Critical fanboy
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Location: Anywhere with anime and anime discussion is fine
Originally Posted by teja208 View Post
3 things about this last episode that intrigued me:

1. The card Deko found in the bag

2. Sophia hasn't appear at all this episode is suspicious. This reminds me of episode 4 preview. Hope she's up to something.

3. There is also the Mori Summer Horoscope Website. Shinka suspected Deko running the site, but I don't think it's her. Deko worships Mori Summer like a goddess, I don't think she would dare to pretend to be the goddess herself. This means someone else has taking up the role of Mori Summer's imposter.

And no, I don't this is the end of the 2nd year school trip. There should be more next episode, and hopefully something interesting happens.
It was as expected, but highly impressive at the same time with how this episode successfully addressed all these issues I had in the previous episode, and yet we still have another episode continuation of this arc, probably dealing with the Real Fake Mori Summer. I suspect her to be that stalker, most likely another former diehard fan of Mori Summer trying to pose as Mori Summer. Who knows, maybe by encountering the Real Fake Mori Summer may lead to Dekomori’s character development and also deepen her relationship with Shinka in some way.

The anime also addressed Sophia’s issue better than I had imagined. I have been eagerly waiting for this moment of revelation since her introduction. Yes, she’s a recovered chu2byo patient, but unlike other recovered patients, she chose to cling on to it with passion although anime kind of put more emphasis on her resolve being tied to her feelings for Yuuta, but it’s more than that actually. She loves what she was and wanting to treasure it, that’s why she’s such a great character. The presentation and the events that took place maybe different, but anime manages to remain very faithful to Sophia’s characterization in the source material. In fact, I think she is one of the most loyally adapted of all the characters in the novel, next to Rikka.

Fantastic episode all round aka 10/10
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Old 2014-02-21, 04:10   Link #19
Blooming on the mountain
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Good episode, lots of information, and some small progress.

I like that Sophia isn't an antagonist, thought she might be one of those annoying characters always trying to get between them out of jealously. But she just wants to observe from afar, and if need be, help a bit.

Although I would not quite go so far as calling it good, but perhaps a little less. Like "decent", but said while both sighing, folding one's arms on one's chest and smiling.

As for Mori Summer imposter, my bet is on Sophia as well....
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Old 2014-02-21, 05:15   Link #20
Working Hard
Join Date: Sep 2012
10/10 for this episode.

Let me quote someone in another discussion board [↗].

"You know from the very beginning of the episode that Shopia not trying to steal away Yuuta like Rikka thinks because she tries to run off when she realizes this is a date. Getting those two on a date is probably something she'd try to accomplish, so the last thing she'd want is to interrupt. She wasn't even willing to ask for help, preferring to remain lost in the city without her wallet or phone over getting in the way. This should be a clear indicator of her intentions, but Rikka doesn't notice. Unfortunately for her, Yuuta knows her pretty well, realizes she's lying and figures out what's going on. Then of course he has to help her, which honestly isn't unreasonable."

Shopia trully grows as my favorite character. I just hope she would get a happy end that she deserve. I don't know how, but I just hope it happen

About Rikka's birthday, that was spot on. This made me wanna quote previous episode discussion.

Originally Posted by ices View Post
If there are a number in someone mail address, it's usually their birthday right?

Season 1 - Episode 5, Rikka's old email address
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Rikka's (previous) mail address is The number 0612 in that mail address could mean "6th December" or "June 12th". For now, let's go with June 12th and assume that was actually Rikka birthday. Not some random number or someone else birthday.

Now pay attention to the calendar in this episode.

Calendar in this episode
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

See the circled date. It's June 12th. The third day of the School trip. If our guess is right, then the circled date is Rikka's birthday...

zoom in circled date
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
Now, it's confirmed. Yuuta indeed knows Rikka's birthday from her old email address.

The last thing. My favorites part of this episode was Rikka's "Su~ki!❤" at the end. This was an excesive amount of sweetness. I can't tell if I could survive till the end of the series.
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