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a random Indonesian otaku
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oh lord.... 1 order = 4.4 seconds? that is monstrously fast
but it's not impossible
if they could make a good cooperation with solid planning, they could easily do it

now elite 10... the knights of gourmet kingdom.. go save your princess
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"Thank you Souma

Your princess is in another castle"
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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
oh lord.... 1 order = 4.4 seconds? that is monstrously fast
but it's not impossible
if they could make a good cooperation with solid planning, they could easily do it
Yeah, it should seem impossible, but it does seem more reasonable when you think of things like how they are cooking the ingredients in bulk and the fact that they could have started making some of the food before they opened.

One flaw in the math is that while they might have started at 11 AM on the first day, that doesn't mean that's when they started on the last day. When she gave the rules on the first day, it was already close to 11 AM by the time they got to the beach based on the clock. So that time was meant to show when the exam started rather than when they can open their shops every day.
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Old Today, 02:29   Link #18444
2D artist
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lol...the best part " what's elite ten?" LOL..what a peasant.

those noobs think they could beat elite10 just because they've gone far ahead of soma and co,
though this underdog still a thing, it makes me cuckles everytime i see it.

4.4 second is impossible realistically, so i assume they split the task, kurokiba fried noodles, takumi prepare toppings, soma mix those two while adding hayama's red oil, megumi as fast server, and last alice as server too while do a cashier.
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This is one of the comment on k*ssmang* and I thought it helps:
“The math on the credit page... Let's say one customer ordered more than 2 packs for their friends. The chefs don't really have to cook one pack each per cooking. Or because there is only one yakisoba menu, they can just cook for 5 packs in a single cooking process per chef. That way the speed is manageable. So even if there were some people who just ordered for 1 pack at a time, the chefs would still cook for 5 pack.”

Logically, it’s impossible to make a single serving in 4 seconds; they made a large portion and then divide it into several servings. Takumi had several bags in front of him, so I thought that supports the theory. Also, soma and Kurokiba were cooking/preparing too much for those to be in a single serving, so...

Anyway, I wouldn’t think too much about it. It’s a manga; real-life logic doesn’t always necessarily apply.
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cooking, echii, food porn, foodgasm, licensed, moe, school, shounen

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