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Old 2017-05-24, 22:16   Link #1181
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dear god IBO season 2 ost is just beautiful to listen to
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Old 2017-05-26, 03:47   Link #1182
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Yeah, anybody here know what that song that was playing in Unicorn during the montage where the zeon remnants are shown sortieing from their hideouts to take part on the assault on torrington base?
EDIT: NVM, found out it was Internal affairs in Unicorn soundtrack vol 1, so I recently got the soundtrack for IBO Season 2 and was wondering what the lyrics to the song "The Soul of Orphans" is.

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Old 2017-06-02, 10:02   Link #1183
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Would anyone here elaborate what happen between Sunrise and Neil Sedaka? I get why they replaced Zeta's 1st OP and ED, but the 2nd OP? Sedaka didn't even record the song, so what gives?
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Old 2017-06-02, 10:55   Link #1184
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I have no clue how it works over there, but if they require a license for OP and ED music, it might have expired by then.
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Old 2018-04-02, 05:08   Link #1185
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...why don't they use THIS song for a Build Fighters/Divers series? I think it fits the fun goofball mood a lot better:

Song is "Snatchaway" by Sky-Hi, pretty new song but fits the Gundam Breaker gameplay and thus fits any of the "Gundam Build" type of series better.
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Old 2018-04-24, 04:39   Link #1186
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Old 2018-04-30, 07:14   Link #1187
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When does the OST of Origin’s V and VI go on sale?
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