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Old 2018-07-25, 20:53   Link #21
Mad Pierrot
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Isayama explains the pacing in this season
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Old 2018-07-26, 16:04   Link #22
ショ ン (^^)
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finally got the first episode of season 3. Its been so long since i read this arc in the manga id forgotten about a lot of what happens. This arc tho will be pivotal for setting the stage for whats to come. Im just hoping they dont drag out a lot of the things that can be summed up very quickly and actually move on the meat of the story.

I hate the new OP it definitely does not go with the flow whats with this tender lovey dovey crap
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Old 2018-07-26, 17:30   Link #23
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking with that OP. Sure, this arc is different from the ones until now in that it's humans vs humans, but it's not like this OP actually fits it anyway.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2018-07-28, 16:11   Link #24
James Rye
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Had to rewatch 2nd season last episode to get back into the feel. But then it all clicked together and everything made sense again. Though I still don't get why they think Historia Reiss is a normal Noble who just owns some land, especially given how we see a Reiss basically commanding the whole discussion before King Fritz.
As for the talk between Eren and Historia, yeah it is true that Historia is a far gloomier and quieter person than smiling and shining Christa was, but with what Eren just said... I think Misaka's ship just took a torpedo hit and has no idea from where that came from. Especially after rewatching the final of S2 with the scarf talk and near trying to kiss Eren scene of her.^^;

Kenny is badass, with his pistol weaponry it is clear that he and his goons were made for an entire different reason - hunting humans, not Titan. No way you could kill a titan with such a gun even if it packs a punch. But you can easily kill a human with such a caliber no matter where you hit them. And that he is in command despite being a serial killer with over 500 soldier kills means the rulers thought him to be the perfect person to take down what is most dangerous to them before the walls fall - the soldiers, especially the 3D-moving ones of the Expedition force. If they had gotten political they could have moved quickly through a city, jump over walls and defenses, kidnap important nobles or just cut their heads off. For paranoid nobles it would make sense to prepare a counter force for such an, albeit unlikely, scenario.
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Old 2018-10-20, 21:42   Link #25
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Smoke Signal

Again is time for Halloween season, and I'm drawn once again into the world of Attack on Titan to deliver my usual coverage.

Season two left us hanging as the mysteries of the Titans and walls were beginning to take shape amidst all the carnage and mayhem that the Scout Regiment (and with them, humanity as a whole) has had to endure.

Christa revealed herself to be Historia Reiss, the illegitimate heir to a regional lord, and, yet, her presence is going to carry more significance for this season, if Pastor Nicks' words are to be believed. Indeed, if the Military Police Interior Squad bothered to soil their hands in order to send the good, old Pastor to his premature grave with all of his secrets, then that must mean that the pigs hiding in the shadows will be finally making their move fixating their eyes upon Eren, Historia, and the possibly destruction of the Scout Regiment.

What's worse is that the pigs have sent the wild boars in order to butcher the stray wolves, as Levi the hunter becomes unexpectedly the hunted in Kenny's game of cat and mouse.
The scouts take on more raw brutality and vicious savagery, as once again the death toll ominously climbs in their ranks, however, what's more disturbing and sinister is that for this season the Scout Regiment is targeted not by intelligent titans but by humans within the walls.

There goes all the last vestiges of sanity and composure for humanity.

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