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Old 2018-12-23, 17:26   Link #21
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Report: Episode IX Takes Place A Year After Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

"Star Wars rumors are out there thick as a horde of locusts this time of year, but this
one might have some credence. According to a scan of what appears to be Empire
Magazine’s most recent issue, a 2019 movie preview issue, the still-as-of-yet-untitled
Star Wars: Episode IX will definitely feature a time skip, taking place a full year after The
Last Jedi.

“John Boyega has confirmed the film takes place roughly one year after the events of
The Last Jedi,” the relevant excerpt says. The rest of the piece doesn’t offer any new
information, but that itself is a juicy little nugget."

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Old 2018-12-27, 23:41   Link #22
Kyero Fox
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Year time skip to make up interesting things that don't blow.
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Old 2018-12-28, 06:33   Link #23
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Rian Johnson FUCKED up EVERYTHING in The Last Jedi, from the plot threads to the characters themselves, that I wonder how they can salvage anything from the point. People can make fun of the more narmful parts of the prequel, at least Lucas have had a vision.
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Old 2018-12-28, 12:43   Link #24
The Mage of Four Hearts
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Makes sense to skip a year. Looking forward to seeing what happens!

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Old 2018-12-29, 20:58   Link #25
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Thought it would've been more than just a year, honestly.
A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future. –General George S. Patton, Jr.

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Old 2018-12-30, 12:22   Link #26
Roger Rambo
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This is more of a time skip than I thought we might get, but I can't help but feel it illustrates how condensed the timeline for the Sequel Trilogy is. TFA and TLJ both took place in the same week, so that means the entirety of the First Order conflict is going to be mostly limited to this one year time skip. Of which I'm not sure how much conflict you can fit into it given how the Republic and Resistance got almost completely destroyed in the first week. I can't help but feel Lucasfilm has written themselves into a corner as far as spinoff material for this trilogy.The Original and Prequels gave lots of room for tie in material due to focusing on 3-5 year conflicts. Once the sequel trilogy is wrapped up, I'm honestly not sure this period of the canon is going to have the longevity of the other ones. Especially given how badly Lucasfilm has been of late at licensing high quality Star Wars games.
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Old 2019-01-01, 14:14   Link #27
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Star Wars has been on a collision course since the prequel air and now with Disney, it fated to be a cash grab. The Fans are the only ones to change it destiny, want proof check out that Vader fan film on YouTube.
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Old 2019-01-01, 20:57   Link #28
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Can we not devolve this thread like all those sites and threads and YouTube videos infested with the toxic fanbase, please?
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Old 2019-01-02, 18:41   Link #29
The Comet has Come
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Once we get a title things should improve.
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Old Yesterday, 11:27   Link #30
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Not about Episode IX, but what are your though about moves Disney did with Vader fan movie?
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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