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Old 2016-06-09, 11:56   Link #1
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Hitori no Shita (The Outcast) [anticipation]

Announced for Summer 2016 to be produced by an animation production called: Haoliners Animation League.
Adapts web manhua Yi Ren Zhi Xia.

Plot Summary:
One day, Zhang Chulan is attacked by zombies in a graveyard. In the midst of that situation, he saves the life of a girl, throwing the kitchen knife in his hand in order to kill the enemies. The girl tells Chulan, who is relieved, to face his hardships head on and leaves. However, Chulan later sees that girl again at his university. From that moment, Zhang Chulan's destiny begins to move. There will be strangers with special powers appearing one by one, with battles involving those abilities. Each episode will bring a new mystery to light. (MAL)

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Old 2016-06-09, 11:59   Link #2
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*still waiting fo 1/2 Prince adaptation*
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Old 2016-06-09, 12:10   Link #3
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Originally Posted by AntonKutovoi View Post
*still waiting fo 1/2 Prince adaptation*
Too bad it won't really happen unless you keep your expectations seriously low in order for a unexpected miracle to happen.

In all fairness, it kinds of sound like Tokyo Ghoul with zombies and the promotional art looked fairly attractive by Chinese animation standards. I'm going to look forward to see what Haoliners will handle The Silver Guardian.
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Old 2016-06-17, 01:32   Link #4
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Old 2016-06-20, 02:48   Link #5
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Usually ac.qq-based comics tend to be lacking....something =0\. Maybe with animation production being in Japan, it'll avoid those pitfalls of their series and lead to something interesting.
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Old 2016-07-01, 20:20   Link #6
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CR gets this
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Old 2016-07-09, 17:46   Link #7
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Episode 1:

Hmm, I think the first episode was rather strange. I think it was aiming at mystery and horror with the zombie themes but what I got is more of the action with a semi-thrilling feel. The main girl is the badass while the guy feels more like he's standing on the sidelines.

The story feels kinda boring though, I hope it expands on its ideas more beyond just the zombie fighting.
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Old 2016-07-09, 18:03   Link #8
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I like this first episode much more than the ones of Qualidea Code and Ange Vierge. At least I will give it a try.
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Old 2016-07-09, 21:36   Link #9
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so bad I couldn't even finish watching the first episode
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