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Old 2010-05-18, 22:13   Link #41
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Wth...I have sisters, I fucking hate them but I do fantasize about having dere dere sisters o.0

But yeah, kissxsis might be pushing it; at least if you are to watch it together lol. It'd feel like a clear request for you know what... Koi kaze is a mature anime and I wouldn't watch it with a sister who is fixated with Disney stuff but I definitely would if she is mature enough to feel the tension in the air and the very very tender treatment of incest in the show.

I would suggest Urusei Yatsura to begin with. It's very old but it's gold and it's for everyone. If you want something more serious then Black Jack would be a nice show. If you want romance, you can choose Ah! My Goddess or Honey and Clover. Ghost Hound is pretty cool if she knows a little bit about the science stuff in the show which would bore must 15 year old girls I know. Clamp titles are good if she likes fluffy stuff. But do try to consider your desire too. What kind of show do you like and are dying to show your sister? There has to be some right? I mean, as much as I hated her, I had a few shows I wanted to show my sis...(kissxsis included, just to say "that's how sisters should be, bitch!" )
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Old 2010-05-18, 22:34   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Sounds like your sister is one for slice of life with a bit of comedy, so it'll be worth checking out Ichigo Mashimaro.
Hmm... on that note, K-On might go over well. I know my 16 year-old cousin just loves it. Of course, she does play the bass... probably why Mio is her favorite.

PS: Oh, and actually the stuff in Read or Die TV- that wasn't yuri. It was "Class S"

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children, girls

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