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Old 2007-03-01, 02:48   Link #61
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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" Comrades, I'm sorry but give me your life. "
Bright Noa - Char's Counterattack.

You can feel his pain and determination when he says that, sending those men for slim chance of averting the fall of Axis, knowing that he cannot fail for the sake of billions of human lives, but also knowing that many, if not most, of his men will die carrying out his orders.
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Old 2007-03-01, 04:43   Link #62
Lost in my dreams...
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Age: 33
"Cursed Obsidian. The cursed Valkyrie GEM. To make such a thing... you people meddled with Rena Sayer's corpse? It is the highest priority mission left by her - i will eliminate you all"

-Miyu(Merciful Intelligencial Yggdrasil Unit) Greer - Mai Otome.

Miyu walking towards while saying those lines and a very fitting BGM playing - it is one of the scenes that i will forever remember from Mai Otome. I have rewatched that scene for god knows how many times
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Old 2007-03-01, 04:53   Link #63
Ronin Aquila
Sky Warrior
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"Love Can Kill, but Hate Can Never Save."

-Odette Bouqette's Last Words to Yuumura Kirika in Noir.
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Old 2007-03-01, 05:09   Link #64
~Night of Gales~
Join Date: Dec 2005
There's just too many awesome quotes in manga that never made it into animation. Anyway, here's mine. Not neccesarily my favourite or even the most memorable, but the ones that pop into my head.

"So long as the world returns to darkness...surely there'll be someone out there, far far away who will ignite the fireworks and illuminate the possible future. For that reason...I'm willing to sacrifice myself. For that reason, I chose to became evil."

~The Silent Bomber before bombing the Parliament~

"I don't have 'regret'."

~Akira Sawaki's casual talk after damning 4 innocent kids to self-slaughter : Pyschometrer Eiji live-action~

"Do you remember how many loafs of bread you ate for breakfast till this day?"

~Dio Brando, casually talking about human lifes like loafs of bread for consumption for breakfast : JoJo's Bizzare Adventure ~
Night~and~Gale: ~ The Final Mythology of the Man who Defied Destiny.

The sleeping lion shall awaken beyond the depths of time, crossing ten billion lights, come to Terra.
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Old 2007-03-01, 05:17   Link #65
♪~ Daydreaming ~♪
*Graphic Designer
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I always remember this quote from Suzuka, don't know which episode:

"There are no rights or wrongs in love, outsiders should just watch". (Yasunobu Hattori)

And also, from Fruits Basket episode 15:

"It doesn't matter how the memories are, I want to keep them all inside my heart and believe in them. I like to think that there are no memories unworthy of being remembered, and I wish that one day their weight won't be so heavy to carry anymore. This way, maybe it will come a day when I'll rewatch them serenely and they would become precious to me." (Honda Tohru).
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Old 2007-03-01, 14:55   Link #66
Furu Furu Furu Moon~
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Nemuri no Mori
Age: 31
'History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue forever.' - Mariemeia Khushrenada (GW-Endless Waltz)
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Old 2007-03-01, 16:08   Link #67
White Manju Bun
Anxious bookseller
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Shibuya Psychic Research
Dont go following a stranger even if youre given taiyaki - Yuuichi, Kanon 21

People cannot gain anything in life without sacrificing something - FMA

Knowing the same tricks as a con man is the best way to protect yourself from him - Naru, Ghost Hunt 10
Pandora HeartsManju's Stuff
"I will always remember
when the Doctor was me."
- 11th Doctor.

Sig by TheEroKing
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Old 2007-03-01, 17:20   Link #68
I My Me Strawberry Eggs
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Philippines
Age: 38
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My favorite quote is Hibiki Amawa-sensei's final lecture in his farewell speech to the students in episode 13 of Strawberry Eggs

And his solemn promise to them as well.

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Old 2007-03-01, 17:30   Link #69
Saber's Husband XD
Join Date: Oct 2006
Age: 32
Send a message via Yahoo to capture
Fate Stay/Night

"Upon summoning I have come forth, I ask you are you my master?" ~Saber
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Old 2007-03-03, 13:51   Link #70
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
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All Quotes by Sanzo Hoshi the first one is from Saiyuki the rest are from Saiyuki Reload

Spoiler for Sanzo Says:
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Old 2007-03-04, 02:03   Link #71
Senior Member
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Sakaki sensei (Kenichi episode 4, 12:37):

"Humans don't have a "can do" or "can't do" attitude. What humans have is "should I" or "should I not" attitude!"
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Old 2007-03-04, 02:25   Link #72
Somehow I found out
Join Date: Feb 2006
Age: 35
Gankutsuou has so many legendary pieces of dialogue, but one of my favourites is from that magical scene in which Gankutsuou first met

Gankutsuou (in French): My friend... Hope... Grief... Ardent desire... Resignation... Anger... Terror... Despair... And once again, hope...

Gankutsuou (in French): I... have waited several thousand years within this borrowed body for a human like you to arrive...

I... I...!

Gankutsuou (in French): I am... with you... And you are with me... I will give you my wisdom and power... and you will offer me that heart and body...!

I just thought that one scene in particular was so incredibly powerful... but that's certainly a series that has more than its share of powerful moments.
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Old 2007-03-04, 04:44   Link #73
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"Ohh, Riiiick...."

-(If you don't know, you ain't old-school)
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Old 2007-03-04, 11:26   Link #74
"with you, happiness"
Join Date: Jan 2007
Black Lagoon :

- Is Money God?
It is Power, and a lot more useful than God.-

Air :
"Obaa-san, dare?" Misuzu. I felt a sharp pain in my chest when she said this.

Higurashi :
Every episodes preview. I wonder if i just liked the BGM?

Originally Posted by white manju bun
Dont go following a stranger even if youre given taiyaki - Yuuichi, Kanon 21
EP 17 Yuuichi : "Take your mind off taiyaki." He seriously looks like Kyon.
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Old 2007-04-27, 23:37   Link #75
Join Date: Feb 2007
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"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange.In those days we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth" Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
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Old 2007-04-27, 23:46   Link #76
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I just love fooly cooly in general (it has some great quotes too!)

Kamon Nandaba: Ah, your brother is away, so she's sinking your fangs into you, Naota. Fondling around, fooling around! Fooly Cooly!
Kamon Nandaba: [pause]
Kamon Nandaba: What's Fooly Cooly?
Naota Nandaba: How should I know? I'm still in grade school.

Eri Ninamori: Why is that thing eating? What is it anyway?
Kamon Nandaba: That's just our TV.
[Canti gets up]
Eri Ninamori: Why is it walking?
Kamon Nandaba: Well, uh, it must be a TV-Walkman.
Eri Ninamori: Sony brand?

I love this next one so much...
[Mamimi is clutching a bag of old bread]
Naota: My brother, I mean - how much do you like him?
Mamimi: It's hard.
Naota: You saw the sign at our bakery, that bread's old.
Mamimi: ...Watermelon.
Naota: Huh?
Mamimi: Or like a panda with a mean face, or like sandals with pressure points drawn on them, or the smell of a blackboard eraser, or a Sunday morning where you wake up and it's raining. Well, I like him more than hard bread
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Old 2007-04-29, 06:40   Link #77
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Gensomaden Saiyuki -
Go du gon - "Tell me, what am i?", "NOO!!!"

Gundam Seed -
Raw Le Kreuz - "Come to me, im going to kill you!", "Peoples dream,wish and sin/Hito no yumei,hito no noizomi,hito no go"

Bleach -
Zaraki "Sanity!?,i dont remember ever having that!". Tousen "Only beautiful creatures can understand one another." Zaraki"Quit being suprised everytime when i land a hit! Pay attention when youre fighting"

Misuzu "Gao!".

Rozen Maiden Traumend
Enju " My best doll!/Boku no saikyou no ningyou da!"
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Old 2007-05-01, 12:04   Link #78
Looking for something
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Singapore
Urachai Urachai Urachai - Shakugan no Shana lol
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Old 2007-05-01, 14:45   Link #79
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You gotta love Hiei:

"So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?" - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"I know as much of games as of hugs and puppies, and care for them even less." - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"Does a death wish cause you to talk to me that way?" - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
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Old 2007-05-01, 17:19   Link #80
Bearly Legal
Join Date: Jun 2004
- Do you know what Jesus said in John Chapter 5?
He said "dont bring me any trouble, bitch."

- We ll reject it, annihilate it, family, friends, even pet dog if necessary.
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