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Old 2006-03-17, 03:46   Link #41
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Originally Posted by Theundyingmage
School Rumble,Mai Otome,Mai Hime,Da capo,Mahoraba,To Heart just name a few good newer fansubbed ones.

Good English Language ones include Megaman NT,Pokemon,Digimon,Yugioh,Jackie Chan Adventures,Card Captors,Bubble gum crisis 2040.

Mai otome and mai hime are not suitable for children.
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Old 2006-03-17, 07:05   Link #42
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Neither is bubblegum crisis 2040... don't watch this with your kids

As for anime. Dubbed One Piece? The english dubs would have filtered any bad stuff (because it's on weekday mornings where i am).
i watched this because i heard it was really good, and this is recommendations from adults! (so adult recommendations + on tv in the morning before school = Good for adults and Children)

Have you tried Gundam? Gundam Seed is a little too "mature" (blood violence, adult themes, a little on the political side) however, the dubbed Gundam Wing i've watched, I enjoyed (dubbing ain't so bad.... seriously.....).

Captain Tsubasa: soccer anime, i loved this show growing up as a kid (soccer-fan). It's basically a teams quest to become one of the best junior teams, and as they grow up, they aim higher and higher (to the world cup). The main character Tsubasa, wants to play for Brazil in the world cup (which is impossible, due to nationality rules, right?). Still very good anime to watch

Slam Dunk: I loved this anime. Funny. This show i watched when i was 5 or 6 and rewatched recently. It really has not lost any appeal in those years (except animation, which is forgiveable). It's a show about a highschool basketball team trying to be number 1 in japan. Like Prince of Tennis, it has it's funny moments (but it has more of them, like a running theme, rather than a side thing like PoT)

Azumanga Daioh: No Violence, Very Random, funny.

School Rumble: Comedy, bloodless violence (hilarious though).

Fruits Basket: This is one of my personal favourites, this show will be enjoyable for adults because it's feel-good anime, something that makes you feel good about the world. There is some violence, but it's all bloodless and funny, though sometimes there is blood, it's minimal. Children will love it because it's a show about people that change into animals of the chinese zodiac (alot of bang sounds and smoke, what kid doesn't enjoy seeing that?).
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Old 2006-03-18, 04:57   Link #43
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^While I do understand where you're coming from,...dubbed One Piece (even if you watch it as a masochistic fetish like I do sometimes and even to laff at how bad it is), it should never be seriously suggested unless you actually kidnap a child and force them to watch it while you're trying to get Mel Gibson to send you a briefcase of money...
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Old 2006-03-18, 06:36   Link #44
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I've watched the subbed One Piece, and it is without a doubt ALOT better(even with only watching a few minutes of the dubbed version i can make that assumption).
I only suggested the dubbed version because it's a 2 and 4 year old we're talking about here.
The original one piece does contain ALOT of blood coming out of peoples bodies, which to the adult anime viewer isn't a big issue, but to really young children, it would be.

You have to remember that the dubbed morning cartoons are made specifically to target children, that's why dragonball z get's such a bad rap, because all the stuff that made it passable was all filtered out when it was released in english. And no one really cared to look for the original japanese version (i guess importing is too hard).

Now-a-days, Dubbed versions of anime aren't as bad as they used to be, so I presumed One Piece is also not as bad.

Mind you, one piece is surely better than pokemon, yu-gi-oh, duel masters and digimon?
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Old 2006-03-18, 09:31   Link #45
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Not sure if you'll like it, but try Tsubasa Chronicle, it's not very violent, no blood and gore or nudity, the music is well done and the story is not bad.
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Old 2006-08-05, 22:29   Link #46
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Wow, this tread is still being updated. Thank you, thank you.

Just in time for me to get more anime Tsubasa work out pretty well for my wife. I did not watch a single episode, but my wife absolute love it.

As for the animes that I have seen and like, they include Scrapped Princess (all time fav), Last Exile, Haji No Ippo, Monster, Spirited Away, Initial D, GTO, and Hikaru No Go. I have no interest for extreme gore like Elfen Lied, but a little bit of non-gore violent is ok. Actually my wife and I also like Kyou Kara Maou (she more than me).
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Old 2006-08-06, 21:17   Link #47
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i say something the entire family could enjoy would have to be Azumanga Diaoh

its so wacky, and with no nudity (that i've seen) or suggestive themes its a pretty good one. Expect comedy with alot of pointlessness...i love it
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Old 2006-08-06, 21:26   Link #48
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Well, there were a couple instances of suggestive themes, weren't there?

Like that scene with Kimura-sensei and the PE teacher... something about pipes...
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Old 2006-08-06, 21:58   Link #49
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meh.... there's nothing in AZDaioh I wouldn't show kids ... either the inuendo flies over their head (like Animaniacs or Looney Toons or a half-dozen Pixar flicks) or they laugh. The perv teacher is a little spooky but forthright and the girls handle him properly with a long pointed stick. About the most explicit scene is the girls comparing boob stature (while fully clothed) and its done in a way most girls actually tend to make such comparisons. Probably the oddest bit might be explaining Kaorin's crush on Sakaki and I'd just be straightforward -- she thinks Sakaki is the coolest thing ever and just worships her.

Hell, Ichigo Marshmallow is perfect for kids and one of the running gags is labeling Miu flat chested and noticing Ana isn't. .... never mind Big Sis's moe-fetish.

As long as such subjects are treated straight forward and honestly, there shouldn't be a problem unless one intends to give children the same screwed up set of mental baggage that infests some adults.
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