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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite Lucky☆Star character(s)
Izumi Konata 394 64.59%
Hiiragi Kagami 352 57.70%
Hiiragi Tsukasa 204 33.44%
Takara Miyuki 98 16.07%
Shiraishi Minoru 107 17.54%
Kogami Akira 97 15.90%
Narumi Yui 54 8.85%
Izumi Soujiro 84 13.77%
Izumi Kanata 106 17.38%
Kuroi Nanako 112 18.36%
Kobayakawa Yutaka 106 17.38%
Iwasaki Minami 117 19.18%
Kusakabe Misao 164 26.89%
Minegishi Ayano 32 5.25%
Patricia Martin 105 17.21%
Tamura Hiyori 120 19.67%
Hiiragi Inori 21 3.44%
Hiiragi Matsuri 19 3.11%
Takara Yukari 41 6.72%
Anime Tenchou 109 17.87%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 610. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-09-15, 07:13   Link #1
♪~ Daydreaming ~♪
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Lucky☆Star - Favourite Character(s) Poll

Welcome to the long awaited Lucky☆Star - Favourite Character(s) Poll , the place when you can adorn you favourite characters and support them expressing all of your love!

You can vote for multiple characters all at once in this poll. Your vote is final once you click on the "vote now" tab. You won't be able to comeback and vote a second time for another character. Choose wisely!

The poll is public which means the votes will be visible to everyone!

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.

    Any post with "Vote for…/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or don’t like characters without campaigning for votes.

  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people won’t be tolerated.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    It’s great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after you’re long gone and on to watching some other series.
Pellissier is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 13:58   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Australia
Age: 33
Woo! First one to post and vote.

So, my selections were Konata, Kagami, Minami, Misao and Hiyori.

1.) Misao - Her voice and character for the absolute win, naaaa~. Her seiyuu could read the phonebook and I'd be in stitches.

2.) Hiyori - An episode of Lucky Star just isn't complete without a Hiyori yuri-flavoured fantasy

3.) Minami - I don't really know why I like Minami's character and it frustrates me that I can't pinned it down, but there you go.

4.) Kagami - She's so full of wonderful bitey snark that I just love so dearly. She's the ideal straight-man to Konata

5.) Konata - Aya Hirano really deserves props for the way she's developed Konata. She's so outlandish and random that it's a joy just to watch her on screen, especially when paired with Kagami.

Kuroi sensei gets an honourable mention for her sniff.
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Old 2007-09-17, 14:18   Link #3
Love hater
Join Date: Jul 2007
Age: 26
Hiyori-chan of course ^^ (btw, poll is kinda too big)
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Old 2007-09-17, 14:21   Link #4
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: El Imperio Español!
Age: 27
Yu-chan,too much moe to let past,and second the Anime Store Guy,is simply hilarious
DeshoDesho is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 14:24   Link #5
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Australia
Age: 33
Originally Posted by Fweakin View Post
So, my selections were Konata, Kagami, Minami, Misao and Hiyori.
Creepy to say, but I had the same favs, and many for the reasons that Fweakin has already listed.

1. Konata: She's a tiny, lazy, flat-chested otaku with a love of dating sims and an often disturbing view of life. And she's voiced by the brilliant Aya Hirano. She's also Kagami's foil. What's not to love?

2. Kagami: The endearing tsundere who has a great grasp of 'snark' and a penchant to over-eat then fret. The 'normal' one who bounces off Konata to make a great comedy team.

3. Minami: There's something strangely compelling at watching Minami on screen, and I think a little bit of it has to do with her social awkwardness. It wouldn't be a Lucky*Star episode without Minami either: Blushing profusely and hiding into her hair, or lamenting her lack of curves.

4. Misao: AKA Konata mark II. As soon as Misao first opened her mouth, I haven't been able to stop laughing. Her seiyuu deserves major props for making such a minor character one of my favourites in this brilliant show. Misao's voice FTW.

5. Hiyori: Yuri-vision. Need I say more?

Kuroi didn't quite make the cut because I only love her for her sniffles, and the occasional 'pound Konata on the head'.
Woodchips is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 14:25   Link #6
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Houston, TX
I stopped at eight, but looking over the list, I realize I could have chosen most of the others and felt almost the same conviction about my selections. I'll edit in my rationale behind each choice later; thanks to Saimoe, I've had some practice articulating the reasons that certain characters resonate with me.

Just to record my votes for now, in the order in which they appear in the poll: Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, Soujirou, Kanata, Nanako, Misao, Matsuri.

Misao is bound to do extraordinarily well in this poll for a side character--it helps that she probably has the highest adorability-to-lines-uttered ratio in the series. I'm sure she'll get a deservedly large share of votes based upon Mizuhara Kaoru's performance.

Last edited by Teiran; 2007-09-17 at 18:34.
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Old 2007-09-17, 15:39   Link #7
Magic Monkey Wizard
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Location: Too far from Japan
Age: 28
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Ummm... I voted for the entire female cast <,<

They're sooo cute.
white-devil is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 16:04   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
1) Kona-chan ... if there were (more) girls like her on this lonely planet, this world would be a better place imho...

2) Kuroi-sensei, I can really sympathize with her, she's close to a female version of myself with some minor differences (- mmorpg, + manga). I also love her fake Kansai-ben

3) Akira-sama ... I composed a poem dedicated to her. What more can I say?

4) Tsukasa... gentle, shy, embarrassed, confused, sleepy, ....

5) Patty... she's a gaijin otaku, just like me. She's visiting Holy Places in Japan and searching for true "Japanism" (as Sodom would say..). I show support and respect!

6) Minoru ... because without him, LC wouldn't have been the same! Lots of funny EDs too. Thanks Minoru-san ^^
Claymore_Obsessed is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 17:04   Link #9
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
The 5 I'm voting for, in order of preference.

1. Kagami-sama - Before I knew Tohsaka, Sawachika, Chidori, and a certain Flame Haze, there was Kagami. Pretty much always going to be my #1 Tsundere (despite Shiraishi's protests)

2. Misao - The fang, the voice, the brilliant mind. Towards the end I would judge episodes almost solely on whether or not they had enough Misao. Probably my #1 favority of LS, but just doesn't quite have the same sentimental value as Kagami.

3. Nanako - Another fang, another winner. Plus the Leftovers, internets letdowns, and pride over her Kansai dialect. My super-prediction for the final episode was hooking it up with Kona-Dad, but I guess somethings would just be too perfect.

4. Konata - If she wasn't so damn entertaining, I probably would've dropped the series long ago. Kagami just wouldn't be the same without her.

5. HiyUri- Name says it all. Her dramatic falls and lack of memory seal it.

Honorable Mentions
Ayano - Always around when Misao is, so how could I not love her? Didn't quite get to speak enough, but the hair-down picture is enough for me. If only we got to see her dark-side that was hinted at.

Kona-Dad - I don't know how a shameless Lolicon like him couldn't make my list, but the top 5 were just too good. Still, asking your daughter for help with ero-games, showering your loli-ism to your daughter, niece, and their friends, yet still being the master of Love in Ep. 22 makes him my #1 Dad over Haruhi's from Ouran (Real one, very tough choice with Tamaki though)

Mi-Mi-Miracle Mino-run-run - made Lucky Channel bearable. Most of his ED's were pretty good too.

Hell, I liked pretty much everyone... except Miy-useless-ki and Akira. The only 2 Miyuki scenes i enjoyed were the eyedrops one, and winning the race with her chest. But neither would've been the same without Konata obsessing over her figure.

My Dream Miyuki Ending:
Mystery Dentist : Hmm, I see a potential cavity forming. Lets fix that up.
Miyuki: Ohhhh don't worry about it, i'll just brush more.
Miyuki: I have been drilled out of space-time and no longer exist.
Panic! is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 17:36   Link #10
Join Date: Feb 2007
Isn't this poll missing quite a few key charas like Gottouza-sama?!

I voted for everyone except for Miyuki, Ayano, Older Hiiragis, and Animate Tenchou. I voted for Miyuki's mom based on her moe-death pose in 23... Man that woman's damn cute. Of course, as always, Kagamin is #1.
AVPlaya is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 17:43   Link #11
Senior Member
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Location: UC San Diego
Age: 28
Well... I would have voted all of them, but... I think I better not. I voted for my top 4 favorite characters: Konata, Kagami, Nanako, and Anime Tenchou. Each of them is just too unique. Konata is classic Otaku, Kagami the classic tsundere, Nanako the lovable teacher, and Anime Tenchou the owner? Still much love to other characters, just not as much
Omfgbbqwtf is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 17:47   Link #12
Last Engage
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Florida
Two of my votes come in pairs:

Konata and Kagami, the greatest comedy duo of the year.
Akira and Minoru - yes, even Akira. For as much as we love Shirashi being bashed to the point of explosion, someone had to be the one to light the bomb.

I also voted for Misao - something about her voice and mannerisms are just amusing to me. I also voted Patty, for being a voice for people like us (and playing a great Mikuru). Hiyori for her creative endeavors, and Meito, the Anime store owner. His actions would make Kamina proud.

Of course, the whole cast made the show great, but these people really stood out.
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Old 2007-09-17, 18:06   Link #13
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
My love for Miyuki remains as strong as ever. plus, I can now vote for my other favorite character Akira.

I also feel the need to give credit were credit is due, and that means Tsukasa also gets a vote.

Nanako and Hiyori are cool as well.
Daniel E. is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 18:14   Link #14
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: New York, NY
I would have liked to vote for everyone since the supporting cast of this show was so amazing. However, I will limit myself and voice my super duper favorites.

Kona- initially my favorite character from the show, her open-otaku and gaming nature really resonated with me, and I was a bit jealous as to how she could be like that. I've often been pretty shy with my hobbies.

Kagami- a character that grew on me and brought me over to the tsundere dark side, her sensuality, sensitivity, and all those tsundere qualities made her very appealing. About halfway through the show she overtook Konata for my top character.

Akira- Her switching back and forth between happy idol and pissed off woman were great, she managed to create a very comical rapport with Minoru that made the last couple of minutes of the show very unique.

Minami- What can I say, I like the quiet type, and I enjoyed watching her character grow and overcome a lot of her shyness and insecurities to be close with her friends.

Misao- Overwhelming cuteness, and the ability to say exactly what's on her mind make her very endearing.

Patricia- The way gaijin should be portrayed in anime, she trumped the stereotypes in character and in speech. Takes top spot for me in supporting characters.

Hiyori- Her dedication to her craft and urge to see her friends in uh, new and interesting ways, were a source of fun throughout.
Calawain is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 22:26   Link #15
Join Date: Jan 2006
Top 3, despite voting for about 7 characters.

1. Tsukasa - She will always be the cutest moeblob on the show. I also have her character songs on repeat once in awhile. Scary, isn't it?
2. Misao - WHAT A HUGE SHAME for her to be introduced so late in the series and have little spotlight. The hyper voice, the fang, the absurdity of her personality! Argh!
3. I'd like to say Konata or Patricia here, but number three goes to... Soujirou Izumi: Awesome-kun wins at life.
Pakxenon is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 22:45   Link #16
final rhapsody
Unmotivated Wanderer
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Canada
My all time favorite has to be Patricia.

Our favorite blonde transfer student always makes me smile with her outlandish remarks. Part of me always asks myself, "Would I have said the same thing in her shoes?" whenever she makes a rather otakuish remark.

Second goes to Miyuki. I actually enjoy the way she explains things to her friends whenever they ask, it reminds me of myself as I always seemed to be able to give rather coherent responses to whatever random question du jour that some of my friends would ask.

Third goes to Minami! It's hilarious how far she seems to be from Nagato level whenever she acts or speaks, but even though I know that she isn't quite like your average tall quiet mystery girl in anime, I can't help but be surprised and amused every time she does something super cute or Konata harrasses her.
final rhapsody is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 22:57   Link #17
Drill Drill Drill
Join Date: May 2006
Konata - Without her, I can't imagine how Lucky Star can be this funny!

Kagami Sama - She is like a joke partner for Konata, always comes out with funny expression disagreeing with Konata

Tsukasa - Balsemic Vinegar~

Shiraishi - Lol @ Everytime he does something in the real show (eg. laughing his a** off on the bus trip )

Misao - Awesome voice , funny as hell , I think she is the 2nd most funny character in LS behind Konata

Patricia Martin - Again, awesome voice and love the way she pronounce things. "I don't understand your difficult japanese" Hahaha

Tamura Hiyorin - Another member of the otaku group

Anime - Tenchou - Well, I think I voted because of VA of Sousuke but nonetheless, he is funny but not enough screen time

and Kanata - really pretty and I just loved her, loli mother
s[H]sIkuA is offline  
Old 2007-09-17, 23:04   Link #18
Join Date: Dec 2006
Konata- Awesome, so similar to me

Kagami- Extremely fun character to be around

Minoru- Lucky Channel and endings

Yutaka and Minami= yay!

Misao- another fun character to be around
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Old 2007-09-17, 23:09   Link #19
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Kagami- her anger cuteness got to me so fast.

Miyuki- She was my favorite from the first ep ^_^

Kanata- Her motherly-ness + loli= godly

Kuroi-sensei- A gaming teacher! thats rare lol

Yutaka- little sister cute~

Minami- Shy cute

Misao- her voice really stood out to me

Ayano- wish she got more lines lol, sidekick/other buddy cute

Patty- her voice was also unique and short hair works for her!

Hiyori- Her drawings and fantasys were super cute!


yukari- another mom with godly cuteness

Anime tenchou- he cracked me up EVERYTIME he was shown lol

My all time favorite is still Miyuki <3
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Old 2007-09-17, 23:55   Link #20
Psycho Power J
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Whenever I see a multiple-selection character poll like this one, I get the urge to select everyone just because I can. But if I did that, there wouldn't be a point in having a poll. I think I'll hold off on voting to rewatch the whole season and let it all sink in before I make my choice.
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