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Old 2009-04-29, 05:20   Link #141
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Kubu is a fansub group. And it looks like they've picked up subbing Chi's New Address where Kitty left off.

You people don't actually talk to each other, do you? No way you could be this dysfunctional as a team and contradict each other if you did. Power trips not appreciated regardless.
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Old 2009-05-02, 17:46   Link #142
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From what I understand, Chi had moved, and the subs are continued over at his new address:
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Old 2009-05-13, 06:59   Link #143
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For us who live in Europa Crunchyroll is unavailable because Chii is licenced in America
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Old 2009-06-29, 07:09   Link #144
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Waaahhh!!! Chi's Sweet Home is just too cute an anime for words! I love it so much!
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Old 2009-08-24, 00:08   Link #145
Guardian Enzo
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What a shame this gets so little post traffic - it's still ridiculously adorable. Episode 58 was one of the best so far.
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Old 2009-08-24, 10:38   Link #146
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Just stumbled upon this - I can't believe I didn't discover this earlier! Definitely a gem that has gone under the radar.
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Old 2009-10-25, 00:30   Link #147
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Spoiler for one word spoiler for 100th episode::
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Old 2010-01-21, 21:03   Link #148
Guardian Enzo
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The seventh volume of Kanata Konami’s Chi’s Sweet Home manga will be released on April 23 in a regular edition and a limited edition that includes an exclusive 10 minute long anime episode on DVD. The OVA episode will be the first animated appearance of Kochi, the new cat character originally introduced in manga volume 6. The cast and staff of the 2008 & 2009 television series will reassemble for the OAD.
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Old 2010-01-22, 01:51   Link #149
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I LOVE this show. The episodes are too cute and my little sister loves it too...The only thing is that there are a lot of episodes already and I can't keep up with them...

Chi is adorable >____<
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Old 2011-02-26, 05:01   Link #150
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Send a message via MSN to roriconfan

ART & SOUND SECTION: 7/10 [What’s this? It’s a game; it’s a game!]
Very simplistic in both sections. The animators didn’t bother much with it and frankly didn’t need to. The focus is the jokes and the moody kitten and anything else is just dressing. So, everything in the series is a very simple drawing, with almost antithetic placket colors that don’t have much variety or detail. Plus, the sound department is just simple music pieces and simple dialogues. What make them really impressive are the expressions and the body language everyone has. Chi for example, really acts and talks like a real kitten most of the time. She only cares about herself, and reacts to everything as if they are either a toy or an enemy. The people in the series act as normal, everyday citizens do, so their differences are huge. Both her reactions and those of her human caretakers are making even the simplest everyday chore to appear hard and funny. Even how everyone talks is do darn funny! Since Chi does not speak or understand the human language, everything she thinks usually has nothing to do with what the humans tell her or expect from her. So even the most mundane dialogue leads to a funny misunderstandment. In a few words, although animation and sound appear totally simple at first sight, in reality they pack a lot of context that really matters to pay attention to. And as I said, it is very funny if you love cats or know how those whiny critters react to something, such as water or hot food or sudden sounds and movements.

STORY SECTION: 5/10 [I peed properly!]
There is not much of a story in general. It is just slice-of-life, everyday situations with a kitten being the epicenter of all. Every episode lasts for only 3 minutes, so most stories are divided in three to four episodes of events that if I describe to you may feel totally boring. Yet, the story has a somewhat development, as a problem Chi overcomes never bothers her in the future and almost knows how to react to it thereafter. It even has a somewhat logical learning curve or natural development, as more or less these are the issues anyone owning a cat has to go through in the same order. So, at first it’s about Chi accepting to live in a house, then learning to pee in a sandbox, then dealing with the habit to scratch things, then getting to a vet, then dealing with her fur falling all over the place and so on. The ending is not really and ending and she doesn’t seem to grow any bigger at all. Yet, it’s one of those stories where the ending does not matter and you can always expect a sequel or something.

CHARACTER SECTION: 7/10 [I am not a cat. I am Chi!]
Just like the animation and the sound, the cast is simple but likable. The kitten is of course the main character and everyone else seems to exist just to deal with her. Yet, they all do their part without ever becoming unnecessary. If the father or the mother or the boy or the black cat or the landlord were to be taken out, a great deal of pleasure would depart as well. Each one of them offers something different to the story, so there are effectively no stunts present. None has an imposing presence or matures in something; yet they are all there for a reason. Although Chi is a remarkably simple yet wonderful character, she would be just a boring cat without the humans to cause trouble to.

VALUE SECTION: 5/10 [Make it move again!]
Most episodes can easily be skipped in a second viewing. Yet the events occuring in the series are easily memorable and will remain in your minds for good.

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 8/10 [Wanna play?]
The pace is generally very fast and does seem ironically realistic if you know of cats. Besides a dozen episodes where nothing much happens, it is a generally very entertaining series for the entire family. It is definitely not boring. Even action lovers will find it at least cute.

VERDICT: 6.5 / 10
Oh, such a cute kitten! How can such a fluffy little thing not be likable to someone?

Azumanga Daio
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Old 2011-09-08, 10:41   Link #151
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I think each episode length is purfect for the anime.
Because they are so small, they reflect how small Chi is :P
And small is cute
Who wants to hug Chi? :P XD
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Old 2011-12-13, 23:10   Link #152
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I just started watching more of this show and it's amazing. Plus comme "Pee's sweet home" amirite?

Anywho I was thinking, has anyone ever put these together without the opening/closing divisions so that it was like a continuous movie?

When you take out the opening, the unique episodes seem to be around 2.5 minutes each. With the series having 208 episodes in total (including New Address), that's 8 hours 40 minutes, which is kind of amazing.

If you think of this in terms of anime normally being 20 minutes each, that's 26 episodes =/ So added together, Chi's story is a whole season.

Originally Posted by Green² View Post
From what I understand, Chi had moved, and the subs are continued over at his new address:
Seems a group called Eigo did all 104 of new address, I was watching the 1st season by Yoroshiku.
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Old 2011-12-14, 08:10   Link #153
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Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
Anywho I was thinking, has anyone ever put these together without the opening/closing divisions so that it was like a continuous movie?
Not that I know of, but there's a version uploaded to YouTube using the Yoroshiku subs that bundles five episodes together. That person nicely included an on-screen link that appears at the beginning of each episode that enables the viewer to skip the OP.
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Old 2011-12-17, 10:03   Link #154
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I should the see the series.

I first saw the manga series in Borders (I miss em ) and the first book I bought because I found Chi's antics so adorable.
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