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Old 2010-07-26, 01:21   Link #1821
Witcher, with tenure
Join Date: Sep 2004
Episode 4 was meh. Much too slow + recaps.
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Old 2010-07-26, 01:23   Link #1822
Unknown Soldier
Join Date: May 2009
The censorship is stupid.

Using half the episode for a recap, even though it's only EPISODE 4!, is stupid. I realize they are trying to do 1 episode per chapter of manga and this was a short chapter of the manga, but if they are going to do recaps for the first half of the episode when it's a short chapter like this one was, that's just stupid. As Saya would say, "Baka! Baka! Baka bakashi!"

Sigh. I still love this show. :/
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Old 2010-07-26, 01:42   Link #1823
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2006
Wow that was horrible. This would have been a perfect case of when to break from a 1:1 chapter per episode ratio and they decided to waste it with recap. Absolutely horrible decision and they still left out a crucial line. This was pretty much a mess of an episode.
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Old 2010-07-26, 01:43   Link #1824
Working the bags...
Join Date: Mar 2009
I thought I'd mistakenly got a Bleach episode instead, with the almost ten minute recap... Not much to this episode anyways, and I hope this isn't going to be a common thing, that would suck...
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Old 2010-07-26, 01:56   Link #1825
Unknown Soldier
Join Date: May 2009
They could have used the other 15 minutes to insert one of the extra chapters released later on with prequel-type stuff. They already did it once, most of episode 2 is actually from one of the manga's insert chapters. (That's not a spoiler, since it already happened in both the manga and anime!) They could have had a little anime-specific sequence, it's not as if Rei and Takashi didn't just drive through an entire city. Anything but a lame recap. I hope they are using the budget money saved by doing a recap for some seriously EPIC animation later.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:07   Link #1826
Join Date: Nov 2009
4/10 for this episode.. total waste of time, and censorship with white mist >.>
Why'd have to do a recap so early in the series?
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:11   Link #1827
Occasional Occasionalist.
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 34
I skipped forward the first 10 minutes. It's all good. Haha.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:18   Link #1828
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
Join Date: Jul 2004
Age: 34
Wow they censored the hell out of the boob grab.

The flashbacks could have worked very well IMO if they used it congruent to the mental state of the characters to put the sudden collapse of society in perspective. Here however it feels more like artificially extending the episode.

In spite of that, I love the way the episode presents the desolate urban landscape in the background of Takashi and Rei's travels because it really drives home just how dramatically their environment changed overnight. The empty streets, the occasional pool of blood and the background singing. Very well done.

More later.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:28   Link #1829
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Germany
Age: 34
Well, the boobs grab wasn't as awesome, as in the manga (mrs. floppy tits *cough*), though they aren't as floppy as in the manga anyway. It was overall a good episode. I liked the slow-moving zombies and how relaxed Takashi reacted to them. It gave me a feeling of watching a Romero movie and I liked that. We can see, that they're already somewhat used to the situation.
I didn't like the flashback in the beginning of the episode. It was just a waste of time, imo. They could have used the time for new story content. Bleach feeling isn't to great in HOTD. I hope it won't become a habit. :\
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:46   Link #1830
Lost in my dreams...
Join Date: Jun 2006
Age: 33
If there is one thing i would have never expected, it would be me having to resort to the FF button due to a recap during episode 4 of a 12 episode long series. This hardly felt like it was worth the week long wait ...shameful really.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:48   Link #1831
Join Date: Dec 2005
The TV airing was not censored.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:51   Link #1832
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Moe Land
Age: 38
Wonder if there will be a Micheal Jackson reference on Thriller? Or is it always with Simon and a few horror movie references?


Ep.4 recap?! ONLY 4 episode and THERES A RECAP?!! Nothing much has happened!!! Jeezz...
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:52   Link #1833
lost in wonder forever...
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: edge of my dream in the land of twilight...ZzzZzZ
Episode 4 Comments...

Bleh, the episodes are short enough as they currently are. Did they really have to fill it with so much recaps? *Sigh*

Spoiler for Mentally unstable...guy:

Shido is starting to be a real creep, I love how they animated him slithering around to comfort the lambs, it really added to the creepiness factor. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the characters shot him on *cough*accident*cough* later on since he's ugly like zombie.
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Old 2010-07-26, 03:54   Link #1834
Wise Otaku Seeker
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Philippines
Age: 29
who here noticeed the Type writter sound on the start of the episode??

Resident Evil Saving Option much hahahaha

man its making me wanna play resident evil 2 or 1 or 3
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Old 2010-07-26, 04:45   Link #1835
Beautiful fighter.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England, UK
Age: 33
Yeah the recap stuff was annoying, but ah well. Best scene was Shido's Keikau doori face.
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Old 2010-07-26, 05:09   Link #1836
Kana Hanazawa ♥
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: France
Age: 32
Hahaha oh wow, a recap after only 4 episodes. That was really ridiculous. The actual content of the episode was fine, but it's a shame they cut out a few important lines.

Originally Posted by Schneizel View Post
The TV airing was not censored.
Yup. For those to lazy to get the episode: book_grab.gif (5.1 MB) (NSFW, duh)
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2010-07-26, 05:14   Link #1837
Beautiful fighter.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: England, UK
Age: 33
^I'm guessing there's a certain point in the story they want to stop at at the end of this adaptation, so this might not be the end of the recap madness.
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Old 2010-07-26, 06:09   Link #1838
Join Date: Dec 2005
^Exactly. They probably planned a good point to end this adaptation, possibly meaning there might be a 2nd season... but seriously, couldn't this recap have come LATER?
Okairii, Nerine-chan
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Old 2010-07-26, 06:19   Link #1839
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Honestly I thought they were going to do 1 volume per 3 episodes because that would end near a pretty good spot. With how this episode went I honestly don't know now where they plan on ending it unless they plan on something anime original. With a zombie apocalypse series I could probably see something like that working.

I was influenced by a certain group overflowing with madness and started trying to write a story. Please give it a try. Crashed into Fantasy
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Old 2010-07-26, 06:27   Link #1840
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
Join Date: Jul 2004
Age: 34
Boobs and the Moral Collapse

I really enjoyed the presentation of the aftermath of the fresh zombie apocalypse. As expected urban areas are abandoned as even the zombies themselves wander off in search of fresh human flesh to consume. The uncomfortable silence of societyís remains hides the possibility of terror in every street corner. It really brings into perspective how much the world as they knew it has changed drastically in the span of a single day, without giving them even the time to digest the gravity of it all. The world of modern man is all but essentially over.

The man is completely insane. The way he talks and the things he says heís done are proof enough of how the horrors of zombieland has pushed a man beyond sanity and, in this case, beyond human morals. With society in disarray he submits himself to his baser instincts and desires when there are no longer any restraints to his Id. His mental collapse arguably contributed much to how heís now pretty much a carnal-seeking existence, but at some point he must have convinced himself that itís a zombie eat zombie world, and that every manís survival entails getting what you want and need without regard for the other guy. If someoneís going to be zombie food, it should be the other guy, and he might as well get what he wants in the process. Without societyís rules and morals, he feels free to do what he wants, since no oneís left to tell right from wrong.

But again, even if thereís no one else, does that make him right? I guess thatís up to the viewer to decide.

In a way he represents those who have lost themselves in the madness of chaos. When rule of law is no longer enforced, there those who lose themselves in the maddening freedom for depravity (this guy) and those who find it an opportunity to enact their grandiose dreams (Shidou). Thus, in relation to the main cast, we see both the goodness and the madness of society in times of great trial.

Also this:

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action, boobs, ecchi, harem, horror, romance, seinen, shounen, zombie apocalypse

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