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Old 2014-08-29, 23:15   Link #1261
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Oh hey Scherzo, I didn't know you were on this forum.

Anyways, I want to know what you guys here think about my fanfic idea for this series that takes nods from Wolfenstein The New Order. I'll post what I wrote on another forum in terms of my ideas.

"I think that I would show more of the devastation that Britannia's conquest has wrought upon not just Japan, but also the rest of the world. While they won't be as bad as the Nazi's they will still be pretty ruthless in terms of how they treat their conquered regions; exploiting them for resources, turning them into puppet states, forcing their ideology on them, etc. Make it so that the Resistance is much smaller than seen in the series, and like in The New Order, they must rely more on guerilla attacks and strategies rather than mechas. Heck, make it so that the Resistance has no mechas at all.

As for Lelouch, I would give him a bit of a B.J. Blazkowicz-esque role. While he obviously wouldn't be as physically strong as the hero from Wolfenstein, he would be at least more adept at combat than he was in the actual series. Have his reasons for wanting to bring down Britannia the same, but the circumstances be different. While he does get the Geass power, it is when he is on the verge of dying after the attack which killed his mother and blinded his sister. He barely makes it out alive, and is given the power to save him. However, the process of giving one this power is more complicated this time around, and it leaves him comatose for several years, like in The New Order. When he wakes up, he not only finds that he has this power, but that Britannia has since taken over the remainder of the world, and his sister is still a pawn. It is here that he decides to join the Resistance and have his revenge on the nation he was raised in. Heck, he could even say the line that Blazkowicz uttered in the announcement trailer:

"While I was gone, they set the world on fire. It wasn't a war anymore: it was a remaking. Some losses are inevitable. Some... unthinkable. Now they've built a new world. Armies of steel and thunder. They're rewriting history. But they forgot about me."

I really need feedback. What do you guys think?
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Old 2015-01-31, 03:08   Link #1262
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a friend who I made a deal with is having me design a board for a code geass role play where none of the cannon characters existed but in there place original characters still had accomplished the same deeds until the start of the main series.

I guess this would be the place to drop the link to such a game. it's just being made by me, players will be the driving force behind events to come in game.

it starts just at the beginning of the anime series.
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