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Old 2007-03-13, 19:53   Link #1
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Are dead enemies just left behind?

Since even the anime-only poeple might be able to put in some good word on this, i thought it be best ot make this an open thread...
However, since there is also manga-only stuff to be mentioned, i'm gonna remind poeple about the forums rulesregarding the spoilers... so when talking about Magna, remember to use spoiler tags

Y'know, i was just reminded about something that we don't really know... What happened to the dead copses of Kohona's enemies

We can recall that it is a common practise for ninjas to take the bodies of their enemies in order to study them and unlock secrets, this is why hunter-nin normally try to complete dispose of the bodies of their allies and also why the cloud tried to kidnap hinata

But what of Kohona's enemies?
Were they just left for dead where they were or were they dragged back to kohona for study?
When you think about it Kohona's ninja have killed some very interesting ninja...

a few that comes to mind is the sound 4 and kimimaro...
Through Anko they had the chance to study the same seal used on sasuke, but each of the sound ninja had a cusre seal that was a different variety than that of those two. It may have been worthwhile to study it, not to take advantage of it, but find some weakness (other than the drawback from using them)... though with study they might be able to make a new seal that doesn't have the same drawbacks/dangerous to use... sim possibity, but worth a shot non-theless

Secondly, Kidomaru aswell as Sakon and Ukon each had some very interesting body features that were very much worth studing... and Kimmimaro had a bloodline that was about to go extict, a rather powerful bloodline that could have added to Kohona's strength if they could unlock it's secrets

There is a possibility that these abilities were obtained through forbidden techniques, but such things can not be known without study... and even if they are forbidden they might be worth studing... studing them might give some insight into what kind of experiments and such that Oro has been conducting in recent years on his ninjas... drugs and what-not

Another might be Haku, since he too had a bloodline... however, I would imagine him being ruled out since Naruto wouldn't want him treated as such, and kakashi would respect such a wish.

Spoiler for manga:

While i know we didn't SEE anyone dragging back bodies, i'm not sure we can just completly overlook the possibility. So do you think Kohona actually did take some of these bodies back for study, or do you think they just left them where they fell? if they left them, then why do you think they did it despite the benfits that can come from study?

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Old 2007-03-13, 21:06   Link #2
gg, uninstall
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yeah, it does seem pretty stupid of them to detail how medical ninjas and the likes could steal bloodlines and such from corpses then refuse to ever mention it again

"I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive."
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Old 2007-03-13, 21:24   Link #3
Sabaku Kyu
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Plot hole? Maybe so. Most likely it's really just a personal matter of taste from the author. The act of studying and dissecting corpses to learn the secrets of their abilities, while not necessarily evil, is kind of disturbing. It would not bring about a wholesome image for Konoha (who for purposes of the plot, are the 'good guys') to be shown hauling the dead back for inspection, even if they are enemies. I think Kishi just wanted to touch on the subject by bringing up concepts such as studying the dead and the need for hunter-nin that results from that. Details like that gave us an idea of how shinobi operate back when the author was still defining world the story is set in. But I doubt he ever planned on making it a major part of the story. Still, it's usually not shown what happens to the bodies of defeated enemies, so it's up to imagination what happens to them. It's never stated that Konoha doesn't study them....


Spoiler for manga:
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Old 2007-03-13, 23:07   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
Spoiler for manga:
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Old 2007-03-14, 02:43   Link #5
duel me
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Think Haku and Zabuza were left alone, everybody elses body was dragged home for research.

Like in the retrieve sasuke arc: At the end when it was over it was swarming with medic nins just waiting/ithcing to get the healing over with, and start to research all the fine lifeless bodies.
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Old 2007-03-14, 06:22   Link #6
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eh.. do u think konoha collects bounties..?
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