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Riadeiru no Daichi ni te (WN)

Original Title: リアデイルの大地にて
Alternative Title: In the Lands of Riadeilu
Author: Ceez
Status: Completed (67 chapters + prologue + epilogue + 2 side stories + side story anthology)
Link: Here

Originally Posted by Synopsis
Kagami Keina(各務桂菜) who was left with hemiplegia due to an accident died one day due to a blackout, and was sent to the world of the online game she was playing just before. When she awoke, she found that it was 200 years after the game era? At any rate, does she have no choice but to (work) to survive? In this world that was once a game, what is it that stands in her way as she gropes her way forward!?
Personal thoughts: A slightly old series that ran from 2010~2012. Having only finished reading it just now... it was... nice? A cute little story, that had nothing spectacular going for it, but nothing particularly bad either. I had fun reading it.
Not melodramatic as the blurb might seem to suggest, but rather light hearted. The game itself is ridiculous (no classes, 4000+ skills, and most of the skills useless after use their individual quests), and lampshaded as being so.
Also uhh, a little confusing. Primarily in relation to the game system, but also to the plot development that happens closer to the end.
Would anybody be interested in translating? It has the advantage of being finished, with a rare female protagonist but... the disadvantage of being a little rushed near the end. Also would recommend somebody who is actually a little more experience (i.e. minimum N2 for a few solid yrs) because it does get a little confusing.

(Not sure if I did this right. I did go through the rules but, if not, apologies for the inconvenience of makign you deleting this thread.)
嗚呼 遠い遠い月日が奪い去った景色

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