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Old 2017-07-31, 15:40   Link #301
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MC still wants to return to the real world and abandon his girl elf?
Or maybe he has a way to take her with him?
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Old 2017-07-31, 15:42   Link #302
Not Enough Sleep
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read the previous comments
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Old 2017-08-12, 15:38   Link #303
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Originally Posted by Imagine Breaker View Post
Are there any spoilers on new WN chapters?
New info I wrote on the TNG wiki on Shin's page lately, written in short summaries.

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Old 2017-08-23, 04:40   Link #304
Imagine Breaker
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Originally Posted by Huttbole View Post
New info I wrote on the TNG wiki on Shin's page lately, written in short summaries.
Thanks for the spoilers.
Samurai, in the old days, used two swords: a katana and a wakizashi. Having two blades in your belt meant you were a fully fledged warrior.
But at some point, we threw away that pride, lost the belief that we should protect others, and all that was left was the one weapon to protect ourselves....

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Old 2017-09-26, 04:10   Link #305
Iroha Isshiki
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Can someone post the spoilers in Light Novel thread. I made a Light Novel thread for the new gate. Please? It's quite confusing for new readers to check spoilers for LN only to find it in manga, Please.

Here's the link.

On a side note. I wish Marino's soul can be extracted to Tiera so she can move on. Or maybe some way to revive her. Correct me if I'm wrong but I read some parts of it in raw that Shin materialize her body in a card form so maybe she can be revive. And the latest raw now which is volume 16 tackles about souls. Where the soul goes and resides. Only 3 chapters as of now. With sometimes Marino is mentioned in volume 16. Though correct me if Im wrong.

But I know Schnee and Shin are the best couple now so maybe things with Marino is better remained in it's way.

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Old 2018-10-15, 12:59   Link #306
Honjo Masamune
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Ohhhh....Schnee is my favorite character but that second princess is climbing many points in my ranking.
I am the living proof that God is a crack dealer

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another world

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