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Old 2018-02-26, 01:27   Link #61
Join Date: Apr 2016
The movie was a strong 9/10, the best so far. It was a nice touch focusing mainly on Xuvi and Riku, yeah it lacks information and details on some parts but the emotional impact was enough to forget about that.

The fight between Xuvi and Jibril was perfectly done, the emotions flowing at that moment were very strong. A bittersweet feeling was present when the movie ended but at the same time made me fell in love again with NGNL.
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Old 2018-02-26, 19:43   Link #62
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That movie was a ride. A real emotional rollercoaster.

They did a great job though. A really well told and compelling story. Those two really accomplished a tremendous thing. Creating a scenario where humans could stay out of the crosshairs of war, and direct everything to a conclusion. I suppose you could say that doing that in any possible way was a huge win and miracle. Just a sad thing that they couldn't pull one greater miracle and get out of it alive.

Dang it Jibril! I suppose though this kind of frustration towards her should have always been there. The blood and body count attached to Jibril herself is massive. The loss of Schwi is a drop the bucket. Just a drop that you build an emotional attachment towards after a really good movie.

It was well worth waiting to see.
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Old 2018-02-27, 23:07   Link #63
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man, i'm a sucker for self sacrifice. when you couple that with protection of a romantic partner, and i'm finished. as a person who hasn't read the novels, the movie did a good job setting up the world the anime resides in.

when she put the last protection barrier up...

in the credits, did they seriously use that scene for the last thing you see?!? come on now..
Aria is the best series EVER. Rewatch Origination with me.

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Old 2018-02-28, 02:08   Link #64
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So, yeah I didn't go into this expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The film definitely had shortcoming (lack background regarding the humans, some development while not bad on their own felt it came out of nowhere, etc), but it was largely solid movie. The character moments were especially enjoyable and action during Schwi vs Jibril was very thrilling. It did good job establishing why Diswald came to be as it is and various customs like the pledges exist. Ironically. it didn't feel like the TV series at all which makes since for all intents and purposes the world did get reset 6000 years ago.

Anyway good stuff, I'd put around an 8/10 for me.
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Old 2018-03-02, 11:38   Link #65
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It hurts.

I want a second season so bad.
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Old 2018-03-03, 11:30   Link #66
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Damn, the goosebumps were real when the mecha loli started uploading her data to the Ex-Machina cluster. The OST, the sound effects, animation and the dialogue were in a perfect symphony. Just beautiful. That fight was as epic as emotional. Fantastic job.

I was expecting to see a bit more of the other races tho. At least we got a glimpse of the Demonia. Nightmare stuff right there

The major thing i disliked in the movie was Schwi's voice. The autism was strong with They tried too hard to make her sound cute and all but was a little annoying, honestly. I know she was supposed to sound like Shiro, but at least Shiro did not speak that much and thus became more tolerable. Other than that, the movie was an amazing experience. Also, very different from the season 1 that was mostly comedy and games. Tet indeed drastically changed that world xD
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Old 2018-03-04, 17:21   Link #67
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Heard a lot about this movie prior to watching it, so I came with high expectations and it delivered. The story really took you on an emotional ride. It wasn't perfect and it had its flaws, like lack of details regarding the circumstances of the war, but I guess that can be overlooked as in the end it was really the story of Xuvi and Riku.

Now the wait for season 2 to never come continues.
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Old 2018-03-12, 04:23   Link #68
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The movie was great. Though there are some flaws regarding it, it massively broadens the history of the the existing stories, which might merit a rewatch now.
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Old 2018-03-15, 09:06   Link #69
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In the LN it is said that reincarnations don't exist in Disboard and that Tet changed the story a little to make Schwi and Riku look more like Shiro and Sora.
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Old 2018-03-15, 18:32   Link #70
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Tet said he "changed some details", but didn't say what he changed.
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Old 2018-03-15, 21:07   Link #71
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Originally Posted by AP24 View Post
In the LN it is said that reincarnations don't exist in Disboard and that Tet changed the story a little to make Schwi and Riku look more like Shiro and Sora.
The movie was released this month in my country and went to watch it at my local cinema last Sunday, though it was only available in Latin-American Spanish dub and not in Japanese with subtitles, unfortunately.

Beforehand, just to let you all know that the movie is my first experience with the No Game No Life franchise, as I don't have any knowledge about the anime and/or light novel prior to the movie. However, as I was watching the film I felt it was a prequel of sorts to the anime.

Without having any knowledge on the source material, at first, I thought that maybe Riku and Shuvi were past reincarnations to Sora and Shiro, however, as days passed by I became open-minded to the concept that maybe Sora and Shiro just happened to be the Earthling counterparts to the former two protagonist characters in the film with neither need at being reincarnations nor having any relation of sorts. Either both couples are counterparts to each other or just randomly happen to be (mostly) look-a-likes, or the remote, far away, possibility at being their doppelgangers.

And, yes, I did pay attention at the end of the film listening to Tet saying that he did not recall much of the details from the war and had to make up stuff in order to make the story the most entertaining.
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Old 2018-06-26, 03:38   Link #72
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Finally got around to watching this. Hell of an emotional rollercoaster. As an anime only fan I had to reread a lot of the stuff on the Wiki to catch me back up on the setting but it was easy enough for me to get back up to speed.
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