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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
United States Space Forces? He's on about something again.
Yep, a ninja smoke cloud. He knows congress will not approve it, but he expects to use it in his campaign of "look, the bad democrats do not approve anything I want, I wanna wall, I wanna spaceship, I wanna nobel prize, waaahhh". Just like reagan's star wars program was not meant to be anything but a publicity stunt. Also, he needs something to distract the media from the NK nothing burger, the muller investigation, the trade wars, his zero tolerance immigration policy and whatever new shitstorm he has planned for this week.

Besides, this makes as much sense as making an United States Submarine Forces, just like the marine already is in charge of those, the air force is already in charge of the X37B and anything space related, no special breakthrough will be obtained with another branch of the military, only more bureaucracy which is funny, weren't the repubs against big government?
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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
United States Space Forces? He's on about something again.
lol, here trump secret!!!
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I am fairly certain there are treaties against militarization of space, but those are rather old treaties now, made for the Cold War era.

What's the latest on China's space efforts? I've not heard much about it recently. Nor anyone else's that isn't a commercial venture come to think of it.
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