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Originally Posted by Gintokifan22 View Post
I've never really been an Usopp fan, I'm not going to say I hate him as at times he makes me laugh and can impress me but over all he can be more annoying than the rest. Why? Ever since that fight with Luffy I just really couldn't stand him, I understand his love for the ship and how much he cares for his friend but let's look at the bigger picture here eh? If they had moved any more in that broken down ship they would have died and either way the ship was doomed, it was pretty clear to every one how much Luffy cared for the ship but Usopp was more about himself blah blah blah Didn't see how much it was hurting Luffy too only himself and his friend. Not to mention, even after that he'd still question Luffy's leadership saying " This isn't such a good idea! " Each time he'd suggest some thing, the others Zoro / Sanji had faith in him after all that but no!!! Time Skip I thought he'd change but he's still a coward too and hardly fights.
You really failed to read between the lines. It was not about the ship but it was about Ussop or better said the ship was a representation of Ussop. Ussop always had self-doubt and saw himself as the weakest and most useless of the crew, so after he got beat up and lost all the money he was once again affirmed that this was the truth(to himself). So after they decided to get rid of the ship because it became useless he saw himself in the ship and that they decided that they didnít need the useless so he decided to leave the crew before they cast him away. This was what the conflict really was about.
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