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Old 2013-08-18, 14:12   Link #1
Cool Lander
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How accurate do cosplayers have to be?

My friends were talking about going to Comic-Con next summer and since we don't really do conventions we figured that we were just gonna yolo it and go all in with costumes and stuff.

Personally, I want to do an Attack on Titan cosplay but I don't want to do an exact replica. I'm thinking of doing an AoT uniform with slight modern twist and practicality because I don't want it to "look like a costume" And I'm not gonna be cosplaying a specific character.

I will get the jacket together just as it is in the show but instead of the weird harnesses they have I am just gonna use a military paratrooper/parachute body harness (without all the bags of course and in an appropriate color).

And instead of the knee high boots I'm just gonna use 7" combat boots. And I most likely won't be making the 3d maneuver gear because I don't want to walk around with it and it will probably end up looking bad since I have no experince making that kind of stuff.

But will I look like a noob or be shunned by the cosplay community if my costume isn't accurate? I had a similar discussion with a friend but she told me the point of cosplay is to get as close to a character as you can.
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Old 2013-08-18, 16:53   Link #2
In a Box
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There are plenty of costumes that are variations on the official designs. People also base costumes off of popular 'fan' designs too. As long as your costume looks good, people will appreciate it. The people who would give flak over something like this is really rare, and you wouldn't want to associate with them anyways.
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