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A new Sci-Fi series called "Global Divide"

Hello all!

I'm new here but I wanted to get straight into the mix of things and give you guys a sample of a light novel i've written for a japanese novel contest held in Japan. The contest website is here (it is in Japanese)

The light novel is called "Global Divide: Ryu Rising"

It will span a series of volumes throughout its history. Here is a short blurb about the novel:

A dark, scorched surface. A black mist that destroys on contact. A serum that keeps you young. The reality as explained in the Global Divide. A 3-part series that will have you in suspense while you immerse yourself into a world unrecognized by our current standards. A world deep in the future where the Apocalypse has taken place and society has destroyed itself leaving a small group of survivors in its wake. In this new aftermath, survivors must adhere to their new subjectors. The elites that are now in control demand loyalty without compensation. Their goal is to rebuild the Earth to its former glory while eliminating any of the human attributes that caused its demise in all previous wars. Anyone in opposition is subject to death and immediately killed. A group of highly skilled mercenaries disagree with the new oppressors and fight for the right to rebuild the Earth with the use of advanced technology. One that doesn't involve the destruction of the human race. In this new battle, a teenager whom is forcefully recruited by the military wing of the Global World Order, finds himself at odds with his new way of life and decides to follow his conscious. An option that will indirectly tie him to the fate of the planet.

I am going to crowdfund this project because one of the requirements for the contest is for the novel to be in Japanese and that is kinda expensive. I plan on launching a blog and share the novel after the contest is finalized (pending I am not a finalist).

If anyone here is interested, I have created a facebook page which I will be using as a pre-launch page for the novels crowdfunding website. You can view it here:

Thanks for your feedback and support!
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