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Old 2017-02-22, 01:53   Link #621
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Originally Posted by Pen3 View Post
Only way they could save it was making Nene main girl, but they fuked up.
Yep, Nene is the best wife material than Shiraishi. But yes, Yamada ends with the main plain girl
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Old 2017-02-22, 05:06   Link #622
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The ending was as good as it could've been. Don't care about shipping wars and the such but the pairing wasn't going to change.

The one thing I'm glad about is that it actually ended with a marriage. Seems strange that I'm saying that but its infinitely better than the hallucination ending of Yankee-kun and Megane-chan.
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Old 2017-02-22, 07:28   Link #623
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Finally read the translation.
-Nene married Ushio and have 2 kids Mone and Mashio
-Miyabi is teacher in Suzaku High, Nene tells her to get with Tsubaki
-Maria cut her hair short and is a model
-Ootsuka become manga artist
-Midori is popular actress and Jin has Ikemen Curry Shop
-Yuri married Himekawa and they have a son
-Nancy is a singer and has her band
-Rika didn't change much
-Leona is an archaeologist and Yamazaki works in advertising
-Takuma is a magister on their wedding
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Old 2017-02-22, 08:00   Link #624
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Glad I dropped this shit a long time ago. Just wanted to know the ending.
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Old 2017-02-22, 17:15   Link #625
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The biggest shame is "that" Shiraishi was never around. Might have made the whole story more enjoyable. I definitely preferred the times when everyone hung out as a club as equals instead everyone just playing props in the making of ShiraishixYamada.
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Old 2017-02-23, 12:16   Link #626
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I tried to wrap all my thoughts *after marathoning this thing for 4 days straight*

Honestly, too many kisses probably annoy me little bit at the first.. but somehow, it turned to be comical thing and that last wedding kiss is probably become the most meaningful kiss in this manga *so it is an okay for me*

Reading this probably made me think that Miyamura is the heroine Miyamura keep helping at every single arc while Shiraishi is practically invisible in second witch war *she got replaced by Nene*
Glad to see that Shiraishi keep popping out once in a while to prove that she is the best girl

Where is my Ushio X Nene chapter? why suddenly I saw them with 2 children?

Lastly, I wonder if every single events are expected by Shiraishi... 2 memory wipes, Yamada's harem (Nene, Nancy, Noa, Himekawa), and everything else...
Since Shiraishi's wish is simply just want to be close with Yamada, to think that such a wish would ended up at creating 2 batches of witch, is unthinkable
Probably mangaka tried to left out such details to pursue for more drama aspect of the last arc.. It is just bad that it happened at 5-6 final chapters that it feels rushed

Anyway, I feel sad that they left out the detail about how Yamada made Shiraishi remembered again... and 10 years timeskip is too long! How could you date someone for 11-12 years?!

Putting aside the forced harem setup, bunch of kisses, complicated (and probably unanswered) timeline and witch powers, I think we got a very nice ending
I must say that I enjoyed this manga... good one
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Old 2017-02-27, 01:48   Link #627
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Best part in the ending was that Nene's daughter likes Yamada more than her own dad lol.
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Old 2017-02-27, 02:38   Link #628
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Originally Posted by Pen3 View Post
Best part in the ending was that Nene's daughter likes Yamada more than her own dad lol.
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Old 2017-02-27, 04:34   Link #629
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I loved this manga at the start, all the way up to Shiraishi became Yamadas boyfriend, and then they made the new student council.

I liked it until that point when Shiraishi lost her powers for body swaping, the most interesting aspect of this manga that got me hooked on this in the first place, That close bond and trust they shared with each other, using each other to accomplish/solve problems that came up. I enjoyed that the most. Then Yamada left the council not long after that and the supernatural club felt irrelevant now. At that point I dropped (well stopped reading) because I felt it lost what made this manga great. Even felt like Shiraishi was moved to a background character and Yamada having check with her everything he did was disrupting the stories flow..

Now that this is said to have ended. Am I saving my self heart ache by having pretended it ended there ? Was the rest of the series disappointing from that point on ? Was there any worth reading on since what made this manga great in the beginning seemed to dissolve?

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