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Old 2018-11-12, 12:49   Link #1
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Do you like writing them? Which types are your favourites?
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Old 2018-11-12, 20:35   Link #2
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Back when I was in school/college, I really didn't. I only remember writing an essay about the origins of hip hop culture back in high school and liking it.

If I only knew of mechanical keyboards during those times...I would've probably enjoyed typing them more. :P
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I like writing in general but not all essays were such a pleasant work for me My favourites were always the ones which had interesting topics for me and that was a main thing for defining certain essay as a cool task or a total pain in my case. Also essays in school and university have a totally different level of complexity so writing the last ones even in case of interesting topics was hard sometimes.
Anyway for making any type of them really well such things as good understanding of your task, defining a clear thesis and making a plan for the whole work, including certain essay's type body structure are the most important things in general. Also finding and working with various scientific resources according to your topic is another main thing, the more of them with good information you'll find, the better will be the general quality of your work. Good style, grammar and vocabulary are necessary things too, in my case reading of many books was really helpful for this and talent for learning languages, also many practicing with writing.
Formatting is a pain for many students and I've never been an exception for this, sometimes I really hated how long it took to check and correct all work's formatting. And yeah, general re-reading and editing your essay is a necessary thing too, it's cool if someone can help you with this because others' fresh perspective is more useful in this case than your own. My friends usually helped me with this, also sometimes professionals in writing and editing texts too.
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